10 Month Old Waking up at Night

Updated on June 18, 2007
T.B. asks from Mount Joy, PA
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My 10 month old son started to wake up 1-2 times a night. I thought it was b/c of his teeth, but now I just think it's b/c he wants held. His diaper always needs chaged, but after I try to put him back down he just crys and crys. I've tried to let him cry it out, but he doesn't quit, and unfortunetaly I have to try to get some sleep for work. I've been holding him and rocking him back to sleep, but I don't want to get in that habit. Any suggestions?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have a 14month old who is still doing the same thing periodically (almost every night). Here is what i do and it has been working...1st, I stopped changing his diaper and I never pick him up unless i think something really is wrong. I let him cry. I comfort him and hug him while in the crib, tell him it is time for "nite nite" and then i sit next to the crib until he goes back asleep. even if he cries. it is hard sometimes but it really works. also, does he have a good bedtime routine? that really helps.

My problem was that i would hold Peyton until he fell asleep for the night (at 8pm) and then would put him in his crib asleep. He would wake up later not knowing how he got in the crib, and want me to rock him to sleep again. He needed to learn to fall asleep on his own. So i started reading him a story before bed, then when he got really sleepy, but still awake, i would put him in his crib and just sit quietly in his room until he went to sleep on his own. the first 3 nights were very hard, took about 45 minutes of terrible crying the first time, i cried and sat on the floor next to the crib until he passed out. But now, it takes about 3 minutes wtih no crying for him to fall asleep and its only been 2 weeks since i started.

He does still wake up in the middle of the night, but just be consistant and it will work. I think sometimes it is night terrors, and sometimes it is teeth, so i do go to him and comfort him.

I think your best bet is to just keep up your rocking him until you are done working after July 1st...i know how tough it is, you need sleep! Also, i tried this method with Peyton several times since he was around 10 months and it never worked until 2 weeks ago, so i think maybe he just wasnt ready yet. Dont be discouraged if it takes several tries or just doesnt happen til he is a little older - but he will sleep, if you teach him too. :)

good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

when you hear him cry in the middle of the night, go to him as soon as you hear the first wimper, don't turn on the light, don't talk to him, don't make eye contact with him. change his diaper in the crib so you don't have to pick him up. put his binky back in his mouth, turn on his music, cover him up and sneak back out of his room.

when i have to do middle of the night stuff, i've found this approach really works if you want the baby to go right back to sleep.

good luck! a good night's sleep is sooo hard to come by!!!!!



answers from Philadelphia on

I dont know if you use a night light, but that helped with my son. He started waking up the same way somewhere around 10 months and we found that if we leave a night light and if we let him fall asleep with his bedroom door open, so he can hear us moving around while he falls asleep helped a lot. It seems that he was just getting scared, or very uncomfortable by being alone. So a stuffed animal, a light, and some moderate level of noise seemed to keep him asleep. He would wake up for a second, realise that he is not alone and go back to sleep by himslef.



answers from York on

The best advice I got from another mom during teething and sleeping was this...put a pillow under the mattress of the crib to prop up one side of the mattress alittle. This will help ease the presure that he could be feeling from the teething. The first night I did it it worked like a charm. I know they don't stay in one spot all night but if you lay them down with his head on the elevated section he may be able to get to sleep easier.

Maybe this will help, but good luck!

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