10 Month Old Wakes up Multiple Times

Updated on April 13, 2009
B.C. asks from Sparta, NJ
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I have a 10 month old beautiful baby girl, who has been a relatively good sleeper, although she does still drink 2 times a night (she was breastfed for a long time, and now we're trying to wean her off the night feedings). She'd go to bed with no problems, wake up, eat and go straight back to sleep. Over the last few days, however, things have been different. She has learned to sit up on her own, and now when we try to put her down to sleep, she sits up immediately and calls for mommy. I go back in, lay her down, she closes her eyes, then gets up again when I walk away. We do this probably 5 or 6 times, until she finally gets the point and falls asleep. But here comes the fun part: she'll wake up every two hours at night, sit up in her crib in the dark and cry for mommy. I think she's scared. I go to her, put her down, she goes back to sleep, then wakes up again 2 hrs later. She's not so much interested in eating anymore, instead she just gets up, sees the dark and cries.

Is this a temporary thing (due to the fact that she has just learned to sit up by herself)? Or is this a bigger problem I should be aware of? She recently was on Amoxicillin for a slight ear infection (not my fault, but because she had wax build up because the doctor told us not to clean her ears ever!!!), but she slept better when she was on the medication than she does now. She has never had any reflux/gas problems or anything like that.

Any advice would be appreciated. I will not let her cry it out in the dark.

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answers from New York on

Hi bonnie. If she is waking then in the dark and she seems scared leave a little lamp on in her room or in the hall so the room illuminates. Also when my daughter would awake she woudl do the same thing i would try to sneak out of the room and make it to the door and she would wake up. I finally put a old t-shirt in her crib on a teddy bear that i had been wearing so she would smell me. Our scent as moms is a conforting thing for babies. My daughter seemed to sleep better. Also talk to her doc about putting oatmeal or rice cereal in the bottle at night. Good luck it shall pass.



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I wouldn't sweat it too much - When Paige was ten months she too, would get up once or twice for a swig but now she sleeps fine at 20 months. I remember a few rough nights, and I found that having her in bed with me helped us both to get over that period.

If she's just getting up, but doesn't seem to be in pain I'd say she's just having one of those weary-sleep periods. I'm a big "no way" would I let my child cry it out, and we co-slept, and things were great.

Good luck, and don't sweat it.



answers from New York on

Yes, it will pass. Getting a new skill or being sick throws things off all the time. I put on my son's Ocean Wonders Aquarium on and give him his teddy handpuppet and keep my hand lightly on his chest until he falls asleep. I also nurse him before I put him down but he is just relaxed and sleepy, not asleep. He doesn't try to fight to sit up very much when my hand is on him. Its like he knows that that means bedtime, not playtime. I don't talk or smile, its all business. When there is a disruption to his routine like an illness, he also wakes up at night and cries. I give him a minute or 2 but if its doesn't stop I go in and nurse him for a few minutes and he's back asleep. I really do think that your daughter will outgrow this. Just nurse him in his room with the lights off and do not talk or engage him in any way. I let him hold his "baby" and then put him to bed with it. I think it plays a major role in self soothing.



answers from New York on

Hi Bonnie
First off, good for you that you will not let your baby "cry it out on her own"....I think that is cruel.
I have a 15 month old daughter who at about 12 and 13 months old decided to be kind of uncooperative with sleeping too. I spoke to some people who said, just let her cry and cry until she falls to sleep....as I said before, no way!
What I would try.... first, get her a night light or a small lamp that you can put at the far end of the room to keep the light from being directly in her eyes, then try a lullabye cd that she may be used to. If and when she wakes up, don't talk to her at all, but give her a pacifier (If you use them), and ease her down to sleep. Rub her back gently and perhaps put the music on softly again. Sometimes I would stay in the room so my daughter would see me there....(I have a futon in her room). The first few nights were a little tough b/c she kept getting up, but eventually she would just lay down and fall off to sleep on her own. It seems now that my daughter just has to hear the lullabye music and she puts her head right down and falls to sleep right away.
No matter what you choose to do, be consistent, and loving.
As a child, it was always better to be in a loving environment then to be scolded and left to cry, so I want the same for my little girl.
Good luck to you.
All this is a phase anyway and she will grow out of it soon.
Take care and let us know how you make out.
I hope this helps. You sound like a great Mom! :)

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