10 Month Old Still Not Eating Food

Updated on April 02, 2018
M.C. asks from Little Rock, AR
17 answers

My 10 month old refuses all food except one kind of teething biscuit and bottles. He gags with almost everything. I had him eating cereal with fruit and sweet potatoes but now he refuses that as well. My others two boys ate everything as babies. Doctor told us not to worry because it is like walking and he will do it when he is ready. I am worried though. Anyone else ever been through anything like this? How did it turn out or how did you get your LO to eat? He gags until vomiting if I push it too much. Thank you!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

This is totally fine. He's just not ready, but he will be soon. My 1st didn't eat solids until 14 months. He's the only kid a know that refused to touch the adorable 1 year old smash cake that we got for him. When he hit 14 months old, a switch flipped and he ate anything and 10 years later, he will try anything.

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answers from Anchorage on

If he is gagging he is simply not ready, until over the age of one the majority of calories should be from breastmilk/formula anyways so no need to worry. He will get there when he gets there.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Both my girls resisted all baby food. They went straight to table food at 12 months old starting with bananas, spaghetti and other soft foods.

Nutritionally babies only need breast milk or formula before a year old.

Don’t stress at all. There is a huge difference between a 10 month old and a 12 month old developmentally. Look how much your son has changed this year.

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answers from Norfolk on

I thought our son would never eat solids - but he finally took to it right before his first birthday.
There's no rush.
Some kids are 14 or 15 months before they get the hang of it.
Until then - formula is fine.

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answers from Atlanta on

As a mom of 4 boys? I can tell you that each child develops differently.

Get him checked out to make sure there are no physical issues to why he is gagging. Then keep up with the "STEPS" food that are age appropriate. Don't force it.

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answers from San Francisco on

He is a BABY. Baby food is for practice not nutrition. Stop forcing it and make sure he gets plenty of formula or breast milk.
Why don't you trust your doctor?

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answers from Wausau on

Keep offering food, but don't push and don't worry. Keep up with the formula until he starts to develop interest and loses the gag reflex.

My firstborn barely ate solids at all until he was past 18 months, and he had toddler formula until he was 2. He had a bit of a texture/sensory issue and he remained a selective eater until he was about 12, when he started to branch out. He's nearly 18 now and much more food-adventurous.

The main thing is to not create an issue or start a food battle. Neither of you needs that.

Regarding a comment below as a point of clarification - the poster is mistaking the ingredient 'corn syrup solids' (dextrose, about 75% less sweet than cane sugar) with high-fructose corn syrup (fructose, and sweeter than sugar).

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answers from Washington DC on

Welcome to mamapedia, M..

Your son should see an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist to see if his uvula is too long which causes him to gag. If it is found there is NOTHING physically wrong with him? Then let him go at HIS pace.

My kids starting eating solids - BABY FOOD - at 6 months. They weren't doing "heavy" foods until they were about a year. Give him a chance.

DO NOT allow him to be a picky eater. Have him try things. But first ensure there is nothing physically wrong with him.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

He's really, REALLY, young to be eating food. He should still be getting formula or breast milk first. They have the nutrients his little body needs most.

I know that we have all been trained that our babies need food and that baby bottles are bad! But it's not true. We need to look at the science of it and realize that formula and breast milk are food, food they need.

I suggest you simply give him as much formula or let him nurse as much as he wants. Then retry giving him some runny rice cereal by spoon in a couple of weeks. It's easy to digest and if it's runny he won't choke on it.

It might be that he just isn't ready for food yet and might not be until he's closer to age 1 or when he's a toddler.

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answers from Springfield on

Yep! My oldest loved solid food from the moment I first fed him rice cereal. My youngest though, he had zero interest until he was closer to 1 year old. He is now 9 years old and a VERY good eater.

My youngest started showing interest when I simply let him eat off of my plate instead of trying to spoon feed him. I've always wondered if he simply wanted to be able to do it himself instead of being fed.

I think the more you are able to relax about it, the more he will relax. I would just back off for now. Just let him have his bottles and give him the teething biscuit if he's interested. If you don't push it, he might suddenly show an interest since he sees his older brothers and his mom (and dad?) eating off plates.

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answers from Portland on

Just be careful with the teething biscuits. Some can be quite sweet (one type has quite a bit of sugar in it). They can get used to the taste of sugar and prefer it over more bland typical baby foods.

I would offer some fruit or sweet potato before formula or biscuit at mealtimes (start with one, whichever he will be hungriest at). Let him suck it off the end of the spoon, just a few mouthfuls. For that meal, follow with the formula after.

Formula is fine of course for all other nutrients :)

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answers from New York on

My granddaughter was like that. Then at about a year she decided food was not bad.

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answers from Washington DC on

he's not even a year old! why are you shoving food at him until he gags and vomits? do you WANT him to develop food aversions or eating disorders?

so you don't believe your doctor but you want advice from strangers on the internet?


he's not a carbon copy of your other kids. he's a very, very young baby. stop haranguing him.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

He's still a baby, in reality. Give him a chance. He's not going to be like your other kids. Everyone is different.

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answers from Santa Fe on

This is normal for many babies. Your doctor is right. Some babies are not ready till a little after age 1! Some little ones are just ready for solids yet. Some are showing signs of picky eating and sensory issues which was the case with our son. Our son wanted solids starting at 5 months but he often gagged. He would eat cereals and certain foods but he gagged at other foods and refused to eat them. As he got older we noticed many sensory issues (not just with eating). He was VERY sensitive to textures and tastes in foods...like he has hyper sensitive taste buds. He was a pretty picky eater. As he got older (3 and up) I learned to not make food a battle. I'd give him a tiny portion of foods he didn't like and he had to take a taste. He's a teen now and he still is picky...he likes his foods separate (he's a meat, starch, veggie kind of guy)...but he eats many different things. The list of foods he dislikes shrinks every year. Our daughter was never like this...she loves trying new foods and was always a great eater. Good luck.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

All mothers need to look at the contents of there baby formula. The second thing in it is high fructose corn syrup, I was shocked to see this. Just for all you mamas that think formula is so great. it's not. but that is ok, that's what we have. So I have taken care of babies for years, Some had this issue. The best thing to do is start your baby at 6 months on pureed veggies. then a mix of veggies and fruit. After they get the taste of sugar, sometimes they don't want to eat things that are not sweet. Also, to many bottles can lead to your baby not being hungry, so no interest in food. Make sure your baby is really hungry, when you give baby food. I have seen the gagging you are talking about. wait til baby is really hungry, and give tiny bites at first til baby gets use to the spoon and food.A schedule is always best with feeding, and make sure not to give baby a bottle every time they cry. Best of luck to you!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Both of my children were VERY picky eaters like your son. First, you should definitely rule out any physical problems and see what your pediatrician recommends. That could be the problem... if not, then you just have a picky eater. Whatever you do, don't force the food on him or do anything that will turn it into a negative experience for him. You should also contact your State's early intervention program and get an evaluation (even if he does have choking problems) Both of my kids went through this in 2 different states. It's almost always completely free (program only goes from birth-3 years). It is a slow process, picky eaters will probably always be picky eaters. But through the early intervention program you could get the free help of an occupational therapist who will have many ideas that a tired mom just doesn't have :) My daughter only ate baby food oatmeal and applesauce when she was your son's age. But today she eats a ton. Still no veggies or fruit in their natural forms, but at least she's getting plenty of nutrition and eating like a normal kid. Good luck!

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