10 Month Old Still Missing 2 Top Front Teeth

Updated on January 25, 2009
D.S. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
9 answers

My 10 month old's bottom front teeth came in first, then his top left. Lastly, his bottom left came in. His 2 front teeth have yet to come in. He's had only these 4 teeth for months. Is this normal? Should he have more by now?

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answers from Dallas on

This is the EXACT order of my son's teeth coming in!
I could see his front teeth coming in but they took forever. He finally got one front tooth on Christmas! This was 3 days before his 1st birthday. And, just a couple days ago, his other front tooth came in (nearly a month later).
We called him a shark tooth for so long because he had that incisor and no front teeth. Good luck with the teething. We did NOT have fun.

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answers from Dallas on

my daughter didn't even get one tooth until she was 14months old, (just like me : )

all kids are different!



answers from Amarillo on

My son had NO teeth on his first b-day!! Don't worry!



answers from Lubbock on

I wouldn't worry about it too much. My first two kids got their teeth about the average age. My baby is 15 months old, and just now got her two top teeth. She didn't get any teeth until she was 13 months old. She got the two bottom teeth, and she just got the top two within a week of each other, and that was after she turned 15 months old. All babies are different.



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I know how you feel. My 10 month old has two bottom teeth and no others at all. Her two she does have are huge :) They'll all come eventually.



answers from Wichita Falls on

Mine had no teeth till 11 months - I wouldn't sweat it... the pedidontist didn't.




answers from Dallas on

It's not abnormal at all. :)



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My daughter is 9 1/2 months old, and she just popped her first tooth a couple of weeks ago. It's not even all the way in. Every baby is different as far as when their teeth come in. Our ped. told me that she's seen kids not get teeth until as late as 15 months old. My son got teeth early. I think by 6-7 months he had both bottom teeth and two top followed shortly after.
Just depends on the baby.


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All babies are different.

My 14 yr old got her first tooth around 5 months, by age 4 started losing her babyteeth and by age 11 had already lost everything she was supposed to lose plus had all of the new teeth come in perfectly, including the 12 year molars. We were certainly blessed because she has perfect straight teeth and a great smile. The Dr's can't believe she has never had any type of orthodontics!

My Dr's said is is perfectly normal and they told me to expect her to hit puberty earlier because that was a "sign". I think the puberty thing was about normal for her.

I know you feel like it might be "abnormal" but he will get them when he's ready. I sure did feel "abnormal" for a long time when my child got teeth early and was losing them in preschool.

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