10 Month Old Not Eating... Teething

Updated on January 30, 2007
J. asks from Rowlett, TX
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I have a 10 month old son (who will be 11 months soon) who's teething and will NOT eat and barely takes a bottle. I can see where his 2 upper teeth are trying to poke through his gums.

During a doctor's appt, I spoke with his doctor about this. His doctor assured me my son is fine. Other family and friends tell me that he will eat when he gets ready. I'm still concerned because he is very active and is not eating and is drinking fewer bottles. I don't want him to be malnourished or to lose weight.

I want to make sure he gets enough food/nutrition for the day. That is what concerns me the most. Sometimes I hear his stomach "growling" but he rejects food and bottles. When I do get him to eat, it's yogurt. I try to sneak in some veggies right after the yogurt. I thought maybe he just likes cold foods, so I tried cold applesauce and other fruits, he rejects it.

I'm a first time mom and don't know what to expect or what I need to do. I rub his gums with Orajel. He rejects teething rings and towels (but wants to grab and chew on the tv remote). I try to massage his gums with a massaging finger toothbrush (sometimes he pushes me away when I try this).

He sleeps very well, he plays and is not irritable. If it wasn't for the fact that he's constantly drooling, not eating and the fact that you can see the teeth coming in, you wouldn't think he was teething.

I know I started rambling, I wanted to make sure I gave as much info as possible. I'm really bothered by him not eating.


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You can try to give him cookies. There are some healthy ones. I dont think he will reject them.



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My son had that same problem and I am a first time mom. All I did was I found some bottle nipples at the store that had little bump looking things on them. They were completely different than the normal kind. I put them on the bottles and he took his bottles that way because the bumps on the nipple massaged his gums which helped his teething. He didn't go much for the teething rings or the baby orajel either. Another thing I did was I gave him chopped up popsicle and he seemed to enjoy that because the cold soothed the pain from the teething. Hope that helps a little. Sorry I couldn't help more.



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YOu can try to freeze some slices of bananas. I tried that with my son and it worked. I know what it's like to be a since mom of infant but This too shall pass.

Make sure he gets enough fluids so he won't get dehydrated.
Good Luck!


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Freeze some bagels and give it to him to chew on. Hell eat some and it cools the gums. You can also try freezing a wet dish towel and letting him chew it.

Good luck, TLee



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It sounds like the issue may be more about your little guy's new-found independance than teething. When infants turn into toddlers, their appetites usually supress some. They become more interested in playing and moving around versus eating. I really believe your doctor knows best. When he gets hungry, he will eat. Just keep offering him healthy foods. This phase will be short-lived. Many blessings :-)

- C.



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Don't worry, both my boys went off food while they were teething. Sometimes it was worse than others. Once the teeth actually broke through, they started eating again-I couldn't feed them enough! Your little boy will catch up on nutrition once he gets through this teething. If he is acting fine in every other way, I really wouldn't worry about it. None of the teething items worked for my boys. The only thing that worked for my youngest was Hyland's teething tablets-and even that didn't work for the molars and eye teeth! You can get them at Walmart, Albertsons and Sprouts. Probably other places too, but that's where I've bought them from. They are all natural and our ped said they were safe to give even at 6 months.

Good luck!



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If you're worried about that, try using PolyViSol.. It's an infant vitamin... then, he'll surely be fine!

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