10 Month Old Having Runny Nose , Cough and Ear Infection

Updated on February 28, 2011
R.P. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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My 10 month old son is having runny nose , coughin and ear infection. It all started Monday early morning, I have flu and cough since last thursday, sofirst I though he got it from me and first two days Monday and Tuesday gave him tylenol and motrin alterantively. On tuesday he started runny nose, we drained his nose since tuesday continuosly but no change. Finally went to doctor and she told he has ear infection. She prescribed him antibiotic for 2 times a day for 10 days. The antibotic started giving him loose motion. My problem is he is not sleeping in the night on bed eventough I elevate his head with soft pillow , we need to hold him and rock him . He can only sleeps in arm with little bit of angel but his sleeps breaks up with cough and blocked nose, he hates the bulb. And by now he is not taking much in food also. He looks really weak. I can just give me some cereal with milk and try to BF whenever I can. We also start the humidifier at night but i don't see much difference in his condition. Please give me some solution to his night mare so that he can enjoy playing his toys and be happy again. I am getting very nervous now.
So far liquid in his nose is clear and I do notice two small teeth coming on upper end. He started on Amoxycilin 5ml, 2times a day for 10day on wednesday.

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So What Happened?

Well antibiotics took toll on my poor baby so I had to give him probiotic everyday so that he gets the good bactaria. and we were cleaning his nose frequently with bulb. For few days he slept in my arms in the rocker at night because he was having trouble sleeping down. Gave his lots of breast milk and less quantity of food. Also I need to give him butt shower everyday with baking soda as he got rashes on his butt. Applied lotrimin(Clotrimazole) and vaseline for every diaper change to avoid yeast infection after finding very rashy butt.

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You can also give him Baby Benadryl to help dry up his snot and it will also let him sleep.

Using some baby Vics rub on his chest too will help. And I stand by a warm mist vaporizer works better then the cold in these instances, but that might just be me.

My daughter is 1 right now and is also sick and it's so hard-I know!

Since he's already on meds your big concern should be dehydration. If he's at least taking fluids you are good-don't worry if he's not eating.

Also-give him yogurt juice or yogurt or a probiotic, etc to help off set the antib issues that he's going to have with his system.

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It's SO hard to see our little ones sick, I know. But this is a case of let the medication do it's work. It takes about 2 full days of antibiotics to really see improvement.
I'd keep up the humidifier, sleeping on an angle (ANY angle). Can you put the pillow UNDER his mattress to create an incline?
Push fluids. As much as he'll take. Soft cold foods?
If you feel he is getting dehydrated, have him checked.
Can he chew on little frozen baby washcloths for his teeth?
Seems like he got double-teamed--ear infection AND teething. Pain meds for the teething.....
Hope he's better soon.



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If you feel that your child is becoming dehydrated, then I would think you may want to call the doctor. They may ask you to bring him in to make sure he is okay.



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one thing I ALWAYS do when my kids (or even myself) are congested: use Vicks on the soles of their feet and cover with thick socks (or feety pjs). Sounds weird but works AWESOME. Really helps clear up the congestion and let them sleep. Be sure to be using a "cool mist" humidifier, as close to their bed as possible - if you are still using a "carrier" style car seat, those work well for keeping them inclined while they sleep, and you can rock it some to help them sleep. And keep up the Motrin/tylenol rotation - did you know you can overlap them? motrin lasts 6 hours, but after 4-5hrs you can give the tylenol, and then the tylenol lasts 4 hours, so after 3 hours you can give motrin again. Also, freeze a wet washcloth for 20-30 minutes and let him chew on it (supervised) - it will help with the teething pain. Good luck!



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I would also "steam him". When you take shower, make it hot and give him some toys to play with in the bathroom. Block the door on the bottom to steam up the room - will help with congestion. Also, don't worry as much about the bulb as just spraying saline up there - Little Noses makes one I like b/c it's a fine mist... does wonders. Hang in there... once the antibiotics kick in you'll start to see improvement.



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It is so hard when your kid is sick. It sounds like he's got a cold and the secondary ear infection. He is miserable, and you are miserable. As long as he doesn't have a fever, is peeing (so he's not dehydrated, especially with the diarrhea), and is not lethargic and unresponsive, you're OK. Remember the antibiotic will not help with the cold, only with the ear infection. The cold you will just have to ride out. That said, it sounds like you are concerned about his behavior - how your kid acts is the best gauge of how sick he is. If he's cranky and easily frustrated, but basically functioning during the day, you're OK. If he's truly not himself - just laying around, completely uninterested in interacting with you or with toys - it's time to call the doctor.

Sick kids are really, really hard, and I feel for you. I wish your whole family a peaceful night of sleep.



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I would focus on the breast milk rather than food right now to keep him hydrated and fed. If he's been on antibiotics since Tuesday, he should have started feeling better by today. If not, I would take him in again today to be checked. It's very dangerous for little ones to become dehydrated so don't worry about whether or not to take him, just do. You also mentioned he has loose stools, I'm guessing he's on Augmentin which tends to do that. Again, perhaps another medication would be better especiallly if this one is causing dehydration. With saying he is really weak in and of itself, he needs to see the doctor. Best of luck to you.

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