10 Month Old Having a Hard Time Adjusting to New Daycare.

Updated on August 21, 2008
M.K. asks from Sioux Falls, SD
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My 10 month old daughter just switched daycares last Monday. Her old daycare was moving out of town but luckily my friend that is an awesome daycare provider agreed to take her. For some reason, she is acting like she never did at her old daycare. She has been a very happy and easy baby to take care of but while at her new daycare she is acting very different. She is pretty much refusing to take bottles (and at home she mainly wants bottles). She is eating quite a bit of table/baby food so I'm not too concerned about her being hungry. The main thing is that she freaks out and starts crying when any kid comes near her. I don't know if she's just nervous b/c they're all around 2-3 years old and pretty active OR if it has something to do with with the fact that she got bit twice at her old daycare her last day their and is nervous that other kids are going to hurt her. Any advice? I want to ease her nerves as well as help make it a more pleasant experience for my friend and the daycare kids as she really is a good kid. She is also teething so not sure if that has something to do with it?

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answers from Minneapolis on

Ten months old is a difficult time developmentally to make this change, because children this age are starting to understand there are people in the world besides themselves. It is prime time for developing stranger anxiety. She'll get used to her new environment, see you still come to pick her up each day, and get those teeth in and life will be easier. If she doesn't have a transitional item like a blankie or a stuffed toy I would encourage her to choose something to take to daycare each day. Make sure you get more than one so you can wash or lose one without trauma. Kids are adaptable. As long as the environment is a healthy one, she'll be fine.


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HI M.,

My daughter went through that as well. Basically she was mad that she had to go to a new daycare. I let he be mad and ride out her feelings. It's just a change in environment is all. My daughter was just plain ticked off and she had a right to feel however she wanted to feel about it. I understood how she felt and I empathized with her. But in the end the switch just had to happen. Eventually she adjusted and gave the new daycare a chance and now she loves it. Trust me, in few months time the switch won't even be on your little ones radar. She'll be fine. You both hang in there. Time heals a lot of things.



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You are probably right it is just nervousness. I have done home daycare for ten years and seen this many times! If you are sure of her situation with the daycare(which sounds like you are) then just keep positive, work with your provider, and offer her a lovey to take. Keep drop offs upbeat, kisses, hugs, and get out the door! After awhile she will get adjusted when she realizes all is well, you are confident with leaving her there, that you will return, and those big kids aren't SO bad afterall!



answers from Minneapolis on

The bottle thing may be associated with teething. My boys always did less bottles when they were teething.

For the other issue, I believe it's just a transitional issue. I don't really have any advice for you, but It's most likely due to the fact that it's a whole new environment.

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