10 Month Old Eating Paper

Updated on April 01, 2009
L.D. asks from Parker, AZ
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My daughter will eat any paper she can get her hands on, is this normal? I try to keep paper out of her hands but sometimes it's unavoidable. What can I do to make her stop? How dangerous is it for her to do this?

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answers from Honolulu on

They do this. It passes. Phases.

Just take it out of her hands when she does it. Don't have to scold/punish for it. ALSO, you might want to say something like "No. Danger." Thus introducing them to the concept of what 'danger' is, and that they can get hurt. In time as they get older, then they will KNOW what "danger" means. I did this with both my kids.

Chewed up paper can be a choking hazard or get lodged in their throat, causing suffocation. Just like any food particles.
So, this is the 'danger' in it.

My kids did this too as babies. It passes.

All the best,

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answers from Los Angeles on

She is simply exhibiting her goat past life! No, seriously, this is ok, altough I wouldn't encourage it. My son ate paper at that time period too and he's fine. Although I did think about recycling him at that point too because it was so frustrating! Just try to keep it out of her hands as much as possible. And tell her no when you see her eating it and make her spit it out.


answers from Los Angeles on

Hi L.,

I would check with your doctor and try to keep paper located up high, if you can. (Careful of gum wrappers with the tin foil on them.) My daughter once put live snail in her mouth, came running across the lawn with her mouth open to show me, so I suppose it is all relative!


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answers from Los Angeles on

My 8 month old will eat any paper she can get her hands on...just as she tries to eat tons of other stuff. Her favorite is the mail.



answers from San Diego on

My sister had the same problem with her oldest daughter. She asked her pediatrician and was told it was no problem. It justs acts like fiber.



answers from Los Angeles on

Haha! I have to laugh at your post because I am constantly fishing things out of my daughter's mouth. She LOVES paper. She will take a paper towel, tear it in two and run around the house waving it in her hands. (She started walking around 8 1/2 months -yes she is a handful!) She is also very tall (30") so she will grab stuff off tables.

I just make sure that I supervise her and I don't let her have small pieces of paper. If a large piece gets torn to a small enough piece that can go in her mouth I remove it and redirect her. I also get her attention, tell her "no, we don't eat paper" and then redirect her to something more interesting if she complains.

Good luck!



answers from Reno on

Hi, L.!!

My 10 1/2 mos. old son loves paper, as well! (he'd make it a meal if I allowed it!) My two older daughters loved it too. I personally don't think there's anything _horrible_ to eating paper. However, when you notice it, take it away and redirect. Also, be sure that there are no toxic inks/paints, etc.. on the paper. You wouldn't want your little one to get sick. Of course, too, don't let her wander around and graze on it! heheh I would just try to keep it out of reach as much as possible and watch for choking, naturally. I haven't read any of the other moms' responses, so forgive me if I just repeated everything everyone else said... :-)




answers from Los Angeles on

My son (he'll be 12 months in a couple of weeks) will sometimes eat lint and food particles he finds on the floor (much to my disgust) and also eats paper. I try to vacuum as much as I can.

I think it's normal around this age. Just try to keep it out of their hands.



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes, totally normal. Extra fiber, I suppose!



answers from Las Vegas on

yes my daughter is 11 months and does the same thing, her doctor says it's normal. I try to keep everything up but sometimes she finds stuff that I didn't! I just bought a new book and left it down, I went to the bathroom, came out and she was taking huge bites out of it! They said it won't hurt her and keep telling her no and she end up understanding.



answers from San Diego on

My DD also loves to eat paper. She is now 15 months and at the age where she understands that it is a "no-no", but until this age, I just tried to avoid her swallowing it. I don't think it is a huge deal and they will outgrow it.

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