10 Month Old Baby with Bad Cough

Updated on December 09, 2011
M.P. asks from Mission Viejo, CA
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Hi, my son is 10 months old and i just took him in to the doctor's with a bad cough. He prescribed him albuterol adn said he should be ok.but its getting worse and they cant prescribe him anything else cause he's too young!!! Anythin else i should be doing,or should i stop the medication since its getting worse???

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answers from San Diego on

It works 100% of the time although the scientists at the
Canada Research council (who discovered it) aren't sure
To stop nighttime coughing in a child (or adult as
we found out personally), put Vicks Vapor rub generously on
the bottom of the feet at bedtime, then cover with socks.
Even persistent, heavy, deep coughing will stop in
about 5 minutes and stay stopped for many, many hours of
Works 100% of the time and is more effective in children than
even very strong prescription cough medicines. In addition it
is extremely soothing and comforting and they will sleep
I heard the head of the Canada Research Council describe
these findings on the part of their scientists when they were
investigating the effectiveness and usage of prescription
cough medicines in children. I just happened to tune in A.M.
Radio and picked up this guy talking about why cough medicines
in kids often do more harm than good due to the chemical
makeup of these strong drugs so, I listened. It was a
surprising finding and found to be more effective than
prescribed medicines for children at bedtime, and in addition,
to have a soothing and calming effect on sick children who
then went on to sleep soundly. Hope this helps. You might want to check with your pediatrician also.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Well, both my girls have been using albuterol for coughs since about that age. I do find that once you start using it initially, it seems to get worse because it's loosening things up in the chest. BUT after about 2-3 times, they have always gotten better. Keep in mind that albuterol has a tendency to make little ones hyper so don't be alarmed. I would say if you don't see relief after a few times, call the ped again. Other than that, there's really nothing. Maybe just Tylenol if he's uncomfortable.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I normally don't give over the counter or prescribed remedies to my kids with a cough, but Baby Vicks works wonders. After nighttime bath rub and massage baby's chest, back, legs, feet, and arms with Baby Vicks and make sure he's in comfy covered PJ's and socks. Continue each evening until you see better results. Also, a cold humidifier works along with the rub. Suction as much mucus out, my little ones dislike this but you have to. Give him plenty of liquids. Coughs normally run it's course for about 2-4 weeks, but your baby will definitly sleep better. This also works on colds. I have a 17, 12, 2, and 1 year old and have experienced many coughs/colds/flu's and my kids love this remedy which helps them fall fast asleep.

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answers from Los Angeles on

i just went through this with my 11 month old son. He had a cough for a while and the doctor also gave him albuterol. It then became bronchitis and then pneumonia. I would watch for signs that his chest isn't caving in when he breaths and I would ask his doctor if they have a suction machine that they could use on him to get all the mucus out.

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answers from Atlanta on

Doing the samething with my 10 month old. Liquid form not inhaler. Doctor told me it would get worse before it got better. He told me the medicine wasn't to make the cough go away, but to make it more productive and keep it out of her lungs. I have a 12 year old too and he took it also when he was little. It seemed to work fine, but will make them act funny. If it does you need to ask your dr. about giving them a little less. My son would act like he was drunk. Also you are suppose to cut back on the doses a little as you get them off of it. Don't just stop giving it.



answers from Los Angeles on

My ped. recommended Delsym when my boys were coughing. She said it was ok to give to them in addition to the Albuterol. My kids might have been 1 already though? When their coughs got really bad, they had to do a breathing treatment in the DR office. It was torture. To hopefully avoid having to do that again, I bought a cold mist humidifier and turned it on at night all night in their room for about a 4-6 days. It seemed to really help.



answers from Los Angeles on

thats not true. my daughter was the same way and was coughing for 2 months it took her dr a while to determine that she had asthma because it took her 3 1/2 months to actually here her wheeze. if they just gave you an inhaler you baby may not be getting enough into their lungs. my daughter ended up being put on a nebulizer with albuteral and pulmicort (which is a prevenative that they dont really like to use on babies because its strong) which takes a week or so to really kick in. she did get worse in that week and was put on a 3 day oral steroid which finally cleared her up fully. with the pulmicort my daughter has to get that everyday sick or not to keep her from having asthma symptoms. i gradually weened her off the albuterol. but if i think she is getting sick i have to go right back to giving albuterol to her every 4 hours. what i did was i kept taking her back every week until we got a medication that worked. anyways i hope my information was helpful to you!



answers from Reno on

I'm a mom of 4 and my Daughters had to use this med. a couple times, also a steroid if the alb. did not work. Try a warm mist humidifier, it helped us.I know it's miserable for both of you. My oldest had "Viral Asthma" She had to use the alb. every time she caught a virus. wich in kindergarten and 1st gr. was every other week!! T. R


answers from Norfolk on

My son came down with pneumonia when he was about 1 yr old. Daycare called me at work my son was running a temp. I came got him, took him right to the Dr's office, and he sent us right to the hospital to get his lungs x-rayed. We think he had RSV. He'd been coughing and wheezing and I was at my wits end. His pediatrician sent us to a pediatric allergy specialist, and he was patch tested, but he had no allergies and no asthma. We used a cool mist humidifier, a nebulizer, albuterol, I can't remember what it was but some asthma medication for bronchial spasms given to him with a face mask which he hated so much and he slowly got better. I was so afraid he'd end up in the hospital in an oxygen tent, but since I was diligent in making sure he took his medicine (and his crying broke my heart), but not giving him his meds or giving up when he spit them out was not going to help him get better. I invented a hold where I could give him his meds when I had no one else at home to help me. I put a towel on the floor, got his meds ready next to me (got them into the med squirter, etc) put my son on the towel, then sat down with him with his head between my thighs. With my legs bent up a little, I could hold off his arms and legs, then use one hand to get a finger between his back gums (this was easier before he had teeth), then hold his mouth open while the other hand squirted the medicine into his cheek a little at a time so he's swallow and be so careful so he wouldn't choke. Sometimes he still managed to spit it up, and then I'd have to reload and try again if most of it ended up on the towel instead of in him. Afterward I'd hug him and soothe him and offer him his bottle to get the med taste out of his mouth. We got to the point where he'd still struggle against it every time, but he calmed right down when we were done because he'd know it was over. It's hard to get through, but their breathing passages are so small, it's very hard to keep the mucus from clogging things up. The albuterol thins the mucus so your baby's cough can be more productive (spit more of it out) - the goal is to get the mucus out. (So, cough sounding worse at first is a GOOD thing.) Ask your Dr about using saline (2 cups luke warm water, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp baking soda (NOT baking powder) with a bulb syringe to rinse your son's nose out every so often. Squirt a little saline up his nose, then use the empty bulb to suck it all back out, empty into a wash cloth and repeat. Baby will hate the process, but breathe much better when you are finished. It was hard, but the Dr and others said I did good and I did what I had to to save his life.



answers from Los Angeles on

My peiatrician told me to give my 11 month old 1/4 teaspoon of robitussin cough. It works really well. Albuterol inhaler's don't really do much but spead up they're little hearts.

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