10 Month Old Baby Vomiting

Updated on January 02, 2008
T.R. asks from Surprise, AZ
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my 10 month old son just woke up an puked everywhere (in his crib and all over me when pulled him out) he has never been sick before until recently he had runny nose and an ear infection. He is on antibiotics and has has watery stools as well. He does not have a temp. and has had the first dose of the flu shot. I am clueless on what to do... do i watch him and if he gets any worse do i take him to urgent care, do i suppliment with fluids, do i see if he can keep solids down, could this be the flu???...help.
Thanks in advance for the advice,

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of the wonderful responses. We are going to the Dr today, it has showed no signs of stopping as of yet :0(
Thank you again

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He could be allergic to the antibiotics, or the flu shot could be affecting him. Give him pedialyte and do call the doctor, and or take him to Urgent Care to make sure it isn't something else. I would stop the antibiotics until you talk with your pediatrician just in case it is an allergic reaction. I am a Certified Pharmacy Tech, and an allergic reaction can result this way. Keep a check on the temp as well. Hope your baby feels better soon.



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This just happened to us. If in doubt, always call the dr. but what they told us is that I should wait about an hour and a half before giving even fluids. then try sips of pedialite. continue breastfeeding as normal if you are breastfeeding, although it would be good to wait an hour and half on that too. If he holds down fluids for I believe 4 or 5 hours, you can try some rice cereal or something bland like that. If he goes more than about 6 hours without a wet diaper he is dehydrated and you should call your dr. right away and possibly take him to the emergency room. I think the flu shot mostly covers that achy/respitory/cold like flu, not the little stomache bugs that come and go. And watch out because my husband and I both caught it after being thrown up on a few times and it was miserable. I felt like I was dying. Once again, I don't know if I remember everything perfectly so you may still want to call the Dr.



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I agree with the other comments, but my other thought is have you added something new in his diet. My son was about that age when he started vomitting from food allergies. Unfortunately, he was almost 3 before we finally figured out it was processed strawberries. Allergy tests had not picked that up. I have since learned that vomitting is considered an anaphylatic allergic reaction, which can become life threatening very easily in some cases. We now carry an epi-pen. I don't want to worry you, but I didn't know anything about allergies at that time, and would have appreciated someone sharing this with me.



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lots of fluids- if you are still nursing- lots of nursing. The antibiotics may of just upset his tummy- so make sure his next dose is given with something in it first. If he gets worse or starts running a temp I would go to the doc. Good luck!



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My whole mom's circle of friends just went through a run of a stomach bug over the last 8 weeks. Something like 12 babies and some mommies and daddies had vomiting and diarrhea. We only had it for 24 hours, but my little girl threw up everything, even one sip of water, every 15 minutes for 7 hours straight. So...I think there is something going around this season, but I agree with other responses -- if you are on meds I would check with a doc. May just be a bug, but better safe than sorry. Good luck!

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