10-Month Old with Sprained Ankle..

Updated on February 06, 2007
L.R. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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My daughter was just put in a splint Friday after 3 hours in Urgent care. They say that she "probably" has a twisted ankle..and has to see the orthopedist tomorrow. I am really nervous and feel guilty (what if it's because of her Exersaucer?) Has anyone gone through this and can help me to ease my mind?

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So What Happened?

Well we just got back from the Orthopedist and he said that everything looks great! He also said that babies can twist ankles very easily while learning to walk so I shouldn't "lose any sleep over it". The splint is off and she is moving her leg again (she wouldn't on Friday)!! YAY!! Thanks for all of your reassurances, it made me feel like I wasn't a "bad mommy"

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I never put my kids in those things, and they were all early walkers. My oldest daughter even walked at 7 mos. I've heard it is possible to twist an ankle in them, they're made to encourage a baby to stand, even though baby may not have grown the ability to do so.



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Last week my sister fell down the stairs while holding my 11mo old son- she didnt drop him but he still ended up with a fractured femur- we saw an ortho and they said to just keep him from crawling/standing etc. for a couple weeks and it will heal to better than ever.
It has been tough but he shows no signs of being in pain- it's just hard keeping him off of it- sooo what I can say is get a lot of fun books to read, dont feel guily about letting her play in the highchair if you need to do dishes--- whatever you can do to keep her off of it for a little while- they are great healers- and i'm sure she will be fine quickly!! As for feeling bad- I am a nanny besides a mom and aunt- I have known tons of kids who play all the time in an excersaucer!! and I have also heard many injury stories (like my friend crawled down the stairs when he was little and lost his two front teeth) and besides how bad we feel after it happens the kids get over it super fast!

Good Luck to you though!


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Well I probably can't ease your mind with my story, however it will make yo ufeel better if it turns out to be a break.
Didn't they take x-rays in the ER?

When my oldest was 22 months old, he tripped and fell while walking down a carpeted ramp at hte childrens museum (in the toddler play area of all places). He wasn't running, or skipping, or being goofy. He was walking down the ramp holding onto the railing, tripped and fell onto his hands and knees like he has done a million times before. He cried and cried and wouldn't stand on it and I just assumed it was a sprained ankle too. The museum filled out an accident report in case we wanted or needed to go to the hospital later. We get home, he still won't stand on it, and took him into the ER and after x-rays learned it was broken, spiral fracture. He had a splint for 2 days, then had a cast set on it for 4 weeks. It really sucked at first, but really it wasn't that bad and it went by so fast.

And now at 4 1/2 you'd never know he'd had a broken leg. Its completely healed and perfect. So even if it turns out to be broken, don't be too upset, it goes by fast, and your baby won't remember it, and it probably won't bother her if its in a cast. My son walked on his after a fe wdays, and was running on it after the first week. Crazy.

I've used an exersaucer with both my boys with no problems. My oldest walked at 9 months, my youngest at 11 months. I think they are fine if you use them sparingly, like to get something done or shower. I'm sure it could have been the cause, but really I'm sure it was just the way she jumped or moved and it could have happened while she was standing on your lap, up against the sofa, learning to walk, anything. Don't stress about that.



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Don't beat yourself up over it. Kids are rough on themselves. One other way little kids like that get their legs hurt is by getting their foot under the couch and then rolling over to get up. My cousin's son did that and broke his leg because the body moved but the lower leg didn't.
Hopefully you'll get more answers soon.
Best wishes,

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