1 Yr Old Biting??

Updated on October 21, 2010
N.J. asks from Redlands, CA
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Okay I officially have a 1 yr old biter (12.5mths) . I've never had any complaints from nursery or daycare workers of him biting, so I just assumed it was me & my 2yr old. Not that was acceptable either, but I figured it's something he'll grow out of and I have been really good at catching him before he does it an removing him from the situation. I know his triggers are any type of containment (holding him, tickling, picking him up etc) and taking a toy away that he wants....So in my mind it wasn't THAT bad yet.

Uh not now...I didn't see it happen, but while at a play ground with my 2 yr old and the 1 yr old, he took a bite out of another little boy. I was just discussing with the little boys Mom about how I have to watch him really closely just in case and as I turned back around from finishing my sentence her lil' one came running up showing her the bite mark. I was horrified. I had just glanced at him and he was no where near the other little boy.

I apologized horrendously, and picked him up and didn't put him back down...but I'm at a loss now on how to handle this. I've tried all the advice I've gotten. Firm no, remove and redirect, offering something else to bite, I've even bitten him back, and I've tapped his mouth while saying no, I've even given him a swat on the bottom...Still biting

He is cutting his other top incisor and I've notice he seems to bite more when teething. Any other suggestions short of keeping away from other kids until he's over it? I don't think that's fair to my 2 yr old, he has activities that involve other kids and their siblings?

I'm so disappointed. I have noticed that he does seem to be trying other modes of expressing his frustration other than biting, but I'm not a fan of that either. He just started spitting or shrieking when mad, and so I've been disciplining him on that? Should I pick the lesser of two evils and just let those go until the biting stops, then work on the others when he gets more verbal..Doesn't seem really logical to me, but what other options are there?

Ha I just posted on another mom's post about a biter...and said the whole removing from the situation worked for the most part...Sike, they always do this to me...Guess I need to edit my post :(

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answers from Kansas City on

I use to work in a daycare and we had a biter ...... this little boy drew blood and all ! We tried binkies and frozen teething rings. He was over 2 so none of that worked. We had to watch him very closely. I was close with him so I knew when he was about to bite and stopped him before he did it.

You could try the binkie or Teething ring deal .... you know your son and if that would even work.

You could also just to the time out bit..... I love the time out but you have to do it right or it will not work. My husband does it all wrong and my girls mis behave all the time !!!

Go to Super Nannys Website www.supernanny.com ....... she has tons of advice for just about everything ... she might have a solution for biting !!! I love watch her shows ... she really is amazing ! Wish she could come to my house :) Good Luck !

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answers from San Francisco on

I've actually ran across this similar question on another site so here are the suggestions from the women on that site...should help with some different ideas:


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answers from Indianapolis on

Time out is a great idea.........also, buy him some teething crackers......they are hard cookie type things......they can help his gums and give him something to bit..........

I would put him in a time out........let him scream, kick, yell, and tell him as long as he is doing that, he won't come out of the time out...........if you are at home, and his room is safe, put him in there.......isolate him......then make sure he knows that is because he was not being good.....again, if he yells, screams, etc.....don't let him out until he quits..........I also found telling him how disappointed I was helped too.....he needs to be a good boy, not a bad boy...

Good Luck and hang in there.

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