1 Year Old with Ear Infection That Won't Clear Up

Updated on March 29, 2008
H.M. asks from Lehi, UT
5 answers

I just took my 12 month old daughter to the doctor and she was put on her 4th round of antibiotics for an ear infection. It started about 3 months ago, I guess, and she hasn't had any colds in between---So it seems that her ears just won't both clear up at the same time. I'm worried that the antibiotics are just going to keep her from having healthy ears long term. Any suggestions or advice? She has taken 3 different types of antibiotics and just finished up her last 10 day's on one 8 days ago. Please help.

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answers from Pocatello on

My 2 year old son was the same way! I can't even tell you how many ear infections he had before he even turned a year old, and I was concerned about how often he had to be given antibiotics. We chose to have tubes put in his ears and it was the right decision for us. He didn't have another ear infection for a full year! He has gotten only 2 since then, and that's just because sometimes the tubes can get plugged. Also, are they giving her oral antibiotics or ear drops? Switching types may help ease your mind about the amount she is given. Just be aware that if you choose tubes she will not be able to submerge her ears. For baths she would have to let you dump water over her head or take a shower, unless you use earplugs. Hope this helps!



answers from Denver on

I would stop antibiotics and talk to an ENT. I had the same issues with my son and I hated putting him on so much meds as it wasn't helping and he can build up a resistance to anti biotics if taken too many. I went to an ENT and they drew the conclusion that my son had constant fluid that needed tubes put in to allow drainage. I am so thankful I did this. They took his adnoids out too at the same time and he did so much better afterwards. He is now three and NOT ONE ear infection, sleeps a million times better too. Go see a specialist. Some ear infections can clear on their own, the reason they give them meds when they are young as constant infection can cause hearing issues, so you want to get it taken care of one way or the other but I would go see someone like an ENT. Good luck.



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Hi H., My suggestion is to see a specialist. I would be happy to give you a referral to one I have worked for three years. Sounds like tubes may be the next option. Good luck to you!! Hang in there, sick babies can be so rough on us mommies!!



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Is your daughter around smoke from someone smoking in your home or even just the left over smell - residue from smoking? I am wondering because I know my daughter had alot of ear infections when my aunt was keeping her, my aunt did not smoke directly around her but the lingering smell and smoke residue was still around her. I know her doctor had said that alot of ear infections can be caused from this, I know after my aunt stopped watching her and she was not around smoke anymore she did not have any more infections. - Not sure this might help if this is the case. - Hope all gets better - take care!!

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You might try an ounce of a good brand of mangosteen juice each day. I can recommend two brands recommended to me by a nutritionist. It really helped our son. It's totally natural and works by boosting the immune system.

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