1 Year Old Son Who Wont Eat Anything That Has Texture.

Updated on April 05, 2007
R.M. asks from Manteca, CA
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I have a son who just turned 1 on 3/26 and he is the pickiest eater ever.. He won’t eat anything with texture at all except the Gerber Graduate Fruit and Veggie Puffs. He still eats baby food, Stage 3 for fruits and Veggies and Stage 2 for the Dinners/Meats because the Stage 3 dinners have texture and he gags. I don’t know what to do about this I have tried everything to get to eat some different foods. Help! I’m hoping someone has some ideas on what to do or try. He still takes a bottle a couple times a day with milk and is now using a sippy cup with the straws only. I also have a 5 year old daughter who had no problems at all eating. She has been eating all types of food from a very young age. So this is quite different for me.

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answers from Reno on

My son is 22 months old now and I couldn't get him to eat any of those Gerber graduates or anything like that, especially the stage 3. EWWWWWW anyway!!!!!!!! I finally gave up and just started him out on apple sauce with his own small spoon. Then I would sit with him and eat the same things. As long as we were eating the same things he did great. We ate cooked carrots and green beans and anything else. He love green beans now and hot dogs and chicken, but still no pasta just yet. But I just keep on tryin'. Eventually they will learn to eat it. Be patient and just keep tryin'.

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi R.

I Have the same problem my little girl is 1 year old now & I can't make her eat anything that is to texture. She don't want to eat meat only beef. she likes chicken, Turk, and fish but I have to blend everything with the baby mixer. Also veggies Doc tell me she is a little small for her age. So they want me to make all diffrents food and just put in the baby mixer and give it to her well blended. I tryed that and so far so good. Its a lot of work but if I don't do that she wont eat. She B-feeds and also drinks H/milk but thats all she wants Milk, juice and water. But no food I also need help can any one out there help me to. Any good baby food cook books or something that I can use. I need to get my baby girl to gain weight she is only 18 lbs and the doctos say she is small for her age.

R. if something work for you please can you pass the information to me. Best of luck.

M. [email protected]____.com my e-mail



answers from Reno on

My daughter wouldn't eat anything untill she was around 3. She would drink a gallon of milk a day, and every now and then eat some noodles or macaroni and cheese, or eggs. That's about it. OH, and ice cream. She is perfectly healthy, the milk saw to that. I would push eggs, for the protein factor. Since she turned 3 (2 years ago) she eats everything. 4 full meals a day, plus snacks. I have had to cut her milk back, because my son now drinks all the milk LOL. He's been eating taco's since he was 4 months old. At 3 months old, he crawled over to his sister's hamburber, grabbed the top bun, and started eating it. Each child is different, just make sure you can figure a way to get the right balance of nutrition, and good luck.



answers from San Diego on

My son had issues with "texture", too. I just kept giving it to him... in addition to the things he liked to eat. He may have only had a few bites but I just kept at it. And eventually he got over it.... it was just something that he needed to get used to. He gagged, too, but that stopped as well. Just be consistant. And don't worry... he won't be going to kindergarten with jars of baby food. lol... he'll get the hang of the other stuff. Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter was the same way. Just remember he is only one. For the food issue, try serving him real food, but make them fun. I would boil carrots and then cut them like french fries ( you can do this with zucchinni or cucumbers too). And he may enjoy dipping things in ketchup. It became my daughters best friend. I would also give her whole grain pasta (overboil it so it is really soft)with a little sauce, and then I would blend a little green bean in to make sure she was getting the right vitamins. Now when he gags it doesn't neccesarily mean he doesn't like the food, he may just not be used to swallowing food that has texture. Well I hope this helps, and remember to stick with it. try new stuff at every meal. If he wont eat it save it for lunh and then dinner.



answers from San Diego on

Years and years ago my nephew had a similar problem when my sister was trying to feed him just baby food. She asked his doctor about it. You know that skin that is under your tongue...well, it turns out that his was too close to the tip of his tongue and he couldn't move the food around. He had to have it "clipped" back some.

My son (now 10) had similar problems. He would eat anything you put in front of him until he was about 4 or 5. Then one day he stopped eating meats. It wasn't about "eating animals" or anything like that. He just didn't want the meat. I fought with him for years about this! He is now back to eating anything (except veggies) you put in front of him.

Personally, in my experiences...as long as he isn't hungary and the doc says he's healthy you're doing great!



answers from San Diego on

See if he'll poke at some Cheerios. I think it's the crunch that makes them fun to eat. Bonus with the Cheerios is that they're already small and they dissolve pretty easily. If nothing else, wait a little longer and then try introducing things with more texture then. He just might not be ready to move forward yet. Or he may actually be ready to skip to finger goods (go figure). Like, my son is 14 months old and I was able to feed him jarred food for a good while. But, when I tried moving him from stage 2 to stage 3, he wouldn't have it. I started with Cheerios, then moved to cooked veggie pieces, fruits, and wee tiny pieces of meat. Now I can hand him a half-sandwich or a whole strawberry and he eats them like any grown up would. So, it's worth a shot.



answers from San Luis Obispo on

Dear R.,

It sounds to me like he is listening to his own body and likes and dislikes. He will never faint from hunger and you will always have a variety of healthy foods around. Just keep on giving him tastes and not fussing at him at all !!

Being a momma's boy is a great thing, you are teaching him to love 'woman' and get along with 'woman'. A great gift to any man. I can tell you are having a lovely time with your children. Great. Sincerely, C. N.



answers from Las Vegas on

Hi R.,
My friends child has a similar problem. It is a motor/sensory issue with this child. If the problem continues I would look into a specialist.

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