1 Year Old Soaking Through Diaper at Night

Updated on May 23, 2010
K.K. asks from Lincoln Park, MI
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My 1 year old has been soaking through his diaper at night for the last couple weeks...ever since I stopped nursing him at night and switched to a bottle. His night time bottle is only 5 oz (day time bottles are 8 oz), and I don't let him have any liquid with dinner. He goes to bed between 8-8:30 and usually sleeps until 8-8:30 am. I have tried pampers and huggies night time diapers, niether help. I have doubled him up with two night time diapers and rubber pants over the diapers...still soaking through! The night time diapers are a size 4, which is quite big on him, but I have put a regular size 3 on him under the night time diaper and it's still not helping. He just moved up to the size 3's, and he could actually still fit in a size 2, they just weren't cutting it anymore. Any suggestions?

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answers from Saginaw on

I bought the next size up for night time-I also at one point had to go to Walmart and get the Cheapie diapers and I used the Pamper with the cheap one over top of that one and that worked GREAT!

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answers from Kansas City on

Pampers baby dry always worked for us, but if none are working for him, you could try the overnight pull ups. My daughter has rarely ever soaked through those. We use the huggies overnight pull ups.



answers from Portland on

Unfortunately the only thing is to change him once during the night- preferably while he's drinking his bottle. My son did the same thing- for such a long time he was ok with one diaper a night, and then suddenly at about 16 months he started SOAKING his diapers/pajamas.
He gets a bottle still once a night (if he wakes up for it), and while he's drinking it I usually just change his diaper really quickly. He's still sleepy so its not a problem.
I would suggest against holding liquids from him at dinner- babies/kids NEED their liquids, and since it obviously isn't helping any, break from the no-liquids rule and let him drink some milk or water with dinner! :)
Its good for him, and well, thats the best reason!



answers from San Diego on

This sounds just like my son...We would wake up in the morning to find his bed wet and P.J soaked. I tried every diaper out there, rubber underwear, etc. He is still getting a bottle at night and I dont think its fair to cut that out. I finally tried Huggies Nighttime Pull Ups. Make sure you get the "night time" . We user Pampers during the day and Huggies at night. Its amazing how much those diapers hold. So far, so good...Hope this helped.



answers from Tulsa on

We switched to night time pull ups and it is amazing how much urine those things will hold. When my mom passed away in September he accidentally ended up wearing the same pull up all day and didn't leak through. You could cut up some Depends and just insert them in the most used area, boys front, girls between the legs.

It's the Huggies Night Time Pull Up. It's dark blue for boys and dark plummy red for girls. The boys have Buzz Lightyear and the Girls have Disney Princesses.



answers from San Diego on

ok, my son leaks though his diapers almost ever night. I like you tried every brand name and night time diaper. He was soaking the front of the diaper only then it would leak right out of the top.

So you may think I am crazy but here is what I did. I put a super maxi pad in the front of his diaper and he has not once wet the bed since I started this. My husband thinks I am crazy but its not like I am going to tell him that he use to wear maxi pads when he was a baby. It keeps him dry and happy until he is ready to get up. It makes me happy because I don't have to change his sheets every morning.



answers from Detroit on

dont give him the night time bottle. other than that you sure its pee and not sweat.



answers from Seattle on

How frustrating! Is his diaper wet (not necessarily soaked) before 10p or 10:30p? How about a sneaky late-night diaper change before you go to bed?



answers from Boston on

Try folding the top of the diaper inward. Little boys tend to only use the front of the diaper and then it leaks out the top. When it's folded over it forces the liquid back down and into the back. It's not perfect, but it sometimes helps. (And stick with the huggies overnites - far and away the best overnites I've found). Good luck.


answers from Washington DC on

I have the same problem with my 14 month old. I found that I was putting his diapers on too loose. Now I do not have a leak every night like before but it still happens sometimes. He leaked right through all the name brand diapers, I even tried huge size 6 diapers and no luck. I am using Walmart brand right now size 4 and they are working wonderfully because the tabs are extra extra streatchable and durable and they don't stink like pampers cruisers.


answers from Austin on

Do you think it is time to move up a size?



answers from Sacramento on

I had the same problem and wish I had known about the diaper covers at Target. They sound like a good try. What I did was buy a size up and I always, always give one last diaper change right before bed and I mean right before so we have a clean, dry, new diaper to work with. It has helped. And he has a bottle right before bedtime. It finally worked.



answers from Detroit on

I used a super maxi pad inside the front of my son's Huggies Overnights. It worked almost every night! Good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

Hey K.,
This happened with my first and we tried multiple things--limiting feedings, doubling diapers you name it. What worked for us were diaper covers, the ones ment for cloth diapers.

Here is the type we used: http://www.momsmilkboutique.com/GerberCover.html

I found them at Target and liked them becuae you slip them on over the diaper like underwear so they were less likely to leak without velcro or snaps. They were machine washable and hang dry, super easy.

Hope this helps,
Suzy and her men (Malcolm 2, Stanley 4.5)


answers from Binghamton on

I had the same problem and found that fisherprice makes wonderful night time diapers. I found them at babies r us. Ever since I started using those we have yet to have to wash his sheets on a daily basis! :-)

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