1 Year Old Not Sleeping in Her Crib

Updated on December 01, 2009
K.H. asks from Saint Marys, GA
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HELP ME!! I have a 1 year old girl that won't sleep in her crib. We will rock her to sleep and once she is asleep we usually put her in her crib! That usually lasts for a couple of hours and then she realizes she's there and cribs histerically. I try to let her cry herself, but i don't want to wake up her 2 year old brother across the hall. What do I do? Any suggestions. She won't even take naps in her crib.

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My doughter, now seven, hated her crib...I put her sleep on a low bed whith cushions around her and on the floor since 8 months old and finally she began to sleep...I don´t know why but it worked, yes I was stressed for a posible fall but it never happened. My second doughter (now 5)was the same and my baby 3 years old loves his crib with pasion...

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everyone has their opinions, that's why we ask here...
so I say: forget babywise!!!

he only way to break the habit of rocking or feeding/nursing to sleep is to do some sleep training. If a baby is not accustomed to falling asleep alone in his bed, he will always want to be rocked or fed back to sleep each time they stir at night or during naps. I'd suggest that you read some of the sleep books that many of us like and have used and then decide which methods you are most comfortable with and then start some sleep training.

Good Night, Sleep Tight, Kim West.
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby, Marc Weissbluth
The No Cry Sleep Solution by Pantley

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I would recommend moving the crib to a location right next to your bed. When she wakes up, you can touch her and re-assure her that everything is okay. If something doesn't work, I would definitely try something different. She may be scared in the current location, and letting her cry may just make it worse.

Good luck!



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Will she nap in your bed or sleep on the floor??? Is it possible that the crib is making her feel enclosed??? With both of my boys I had them in toddler beds very early and I felt like they slept much better than in their cribs. My oldest was about 16 months and my youngest was about 12 months. I centered it around the time that they could walk. You may try taking the mattress out of the crib and placing it on the floor - maybe against a wall - to see how she would do.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!



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My 9mo old son does that now, and he just hates being "confined". I just let him sleep on the bed with us or floor is another alternative or a good toddler mattress. My other son was out of his crib and in a toddler bed early as 10 mos, so she may just be a big girl not wanting to be in a "pen".



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Get rid of the crib. Maybe just put the mattress on the floor. You don't need to make this a battle, really the teenage years are still ahead :-)!!!
best ,k



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i have the same problem! please help



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My little girl did the same thing and I just placed the mattress on the floor next to my bed. And she loves it. At one and a half we went ahead and bought her a toddler bed and she sleeps there now.



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If I fell asleep in one place and woke up in a different place, I'd cry, too!

My first born HATED his crib. With another baby on the way, we decided to switch him to a mattress with a toddler rail and he was sooooooooooo much happier. We got him sheets with a character he loved and loaded it with stuffed animals and he loved playing in his new special bed during the day.

After she falls in love with the idea of her new bed, then you can start a routine with putting her to sleep in it. Instead of rocking her, try patting her back while she lays in the bed. After you have established a routine where she falls asleep in the bed with you there, eventually pat her back and while she is drowsy but not quite asleep, tell her you'll be right back, that you have to go do something like brush your teeth-- something boring to her-- then leave the room and come back literally in like 2 minutes. Rub her back again for a couple of minutes and while she is awake but drowsy, tell her you will be right back (to wash dishes, do laundry, etc) and keep coming back but try and make it longer between trips back and forth to her room. This method will establish trust that she is NOT being abandoned and you will be right back and she will accidently figure out that she can actually fall asleep without you---- which leads to falling back to sleep in the middle of the night without you, too



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You have made the habit of letting her fall asleep somewhere else and then put her in the crib so when she gets into a ligher phase of sleep she just hollers. Let her fall asleep in her crib and you will see how things change over a few nights. When you change, she has no coice but to change. Her brother will probably not even be bothered by it and if he is then deal with him but let her comfort herself and start to get to know herself and her surroundings. If you leave her she will amaze you. There is not one child I have met over 30 yrs who wouldn't fall asleep on their own, given the chance. Good luck and buy some earplugs!



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My daughter was just the same and I was worried about her not getting enough sleep and fed up because I knew that I wasn't!! So I asked her ped. He told me that by always rocking her or pushing in stroller etc she had never learned the ability to put herself back to sleep so when age woke up she cried for help getting back to sleep. He exPressed how vital is was that sheearn this skill as she will need to know how to falla sleep on her own both to avoid future sleeping disorders and because NO baby sleeps throughthe night, some simply know how to put themselves back to sleep when they wake up.
He said do a nigh ime routine like bath, book, bed or something and once you put her in he crib let her cry. The first night will be bad, the second night will be worse, the third like the first and the 4 th night shell sleep through the night.
So I heeded her dr advice and did as he said. It was tough the first nigh, tougher the second like the first nighthe third and the 4th she slept throughthe night. Those drs, man, do they know what they are talikig abou or what!!! For the first time in 12mos my daughter smelt in her crib through the night and still does at 2 years old



answers from Miami on

I highly recommend the book 'On Becoming Baby-wise.' (Read the reviews on amazon.com. It has worked for a ton of people......I swear the people who criticize it have never read it... ) I've had a lot of luck with that book, those velcro swaddle blankets (my baby wakes himself up with his hands) and a white-noise machine. (the sound of the ocean waves) First we used the Sleep Sheep, but you have to push the button every 23 or 45 minutes. Now we use one that plugs into the wall and plays constantly (or on a timer) because now we need it to sleep too! Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a great one for 20 bucks.


The hardest habit to break is the rocking to sleep... I was the same way.......... During the day I admit I let my baby sleep in his sling or on me........(rocking in a rocking chair) But- at night, Daddy swaddles him and he gets put right in the co-sleeper...... (That might help to have Daddy do it... )He actually is happy being awake for a few minutes and drifts off to sleep himself. This took some time... There were a few times I had to say- "I'll just give him a minute..." Each second feels like an eternity and it breaks your heart... But- then I'll look at the clock and realize it was 30 seconds to 2 minutes... etc... (waking up in the middle of the night)

My friend told me about their transition to the crib. She sat a chair next to the crib and slept in there for a few nights. The first night she was right next to the crib and would put her hand on her baby's belly to comfort him when he cried....... Each night she would move a little further away. I think she said it took about a week..... Now she'll hear him on the monitor cooing and playing by himself a few times during the night, but he doesn't cry. At first he would only sleep in his car-seat... they would literally put the car-seat into the crib! LOL!

Maybe you could replace the rocking with a different night-time 'ritual' that lets you put the baby down and drift off to sleep by herself. (usually on a timer) There's that Fisher Price soothe and glow sea horse that lights up and plays music for 15 minutes. Target has it for 15 bucks. Or- that Fisher Price Rainforest waterfall soother.

Good luck! Sorry for the private message... Most people hear about the book 'Babywise' and start spouting insults and lectures... M. :)



answers from Pensacola on

I would suggest you not rock her to sleep anymore. It may take a week or so to get her used to it, but in the end it really will be better. All three of our boys - almost 6 yrs old, 3.5 yr old, and my almost 2 year old go down every night and at naptime with out an issue (for the most part). But our youngest was a tricky sleeper and we ended up rocking him to sleep for a long time until he started doing exactly what your girl is doing. Then we had to just let him cry it out, and go in there and reassure him every few minutes. Took about a week, now he's a really good sleeper - with the occasional exception of course :)
Best of luck,
Mom of 3 boys under 6 years old

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