1 Year Old Birthday Party - Carrollton,TX

Updated on November 09, 2010
V.P. asks from Carrollton, TX
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I am in need of some entertainment suggestions for a 1 year old birthday party. I will have kids from 2 to 5 attending the party and I want to make sure I have something fun for them to do and/or see at the party. Would a magician be a good idea? Any suggestions or recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from Dallas on

I had Jolly the puppeteer from DFWKidsParties do a puppet show, balloons and some dancing/music. She was amazing. I had about 40 kids in the age range of 1-10 and the kids were absolutely captivated while she was entertaining them even my 1 year old loved it.

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My sister is wonderful for kids this age! She is in Fort Worth and I think could travel to Carrollton. She does amazing balloons, face painting and a magic show. Here is her website:



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hi V., I'm with Dallas Face Painters and I live very close to the carrollton area. You can view us on the web at DallasFacePainters.com We are the official face painters for FC Dallas soccer club and we have been a family owned business since 2000. I would love to come and make your party special! Thanks!


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Hi there,
I conduct in-home "make your own stuffed animal" parties. It's great for all ages, as well as, for both boys and girls and keeps the children engaged and having hands on fun (the children stuff their animals with their own hands). And then, it is also your great take home gift for your guests.

Please feel free to visit my website for information on my pricing, as well as, testimonials, pictures, and video (once on my website, just keep scrolling down for all the info).
Thank you for your consideration,
R. :)



answers from Dallas on

My advice is to SAVE your money until your child is having a 7-yr-old or 8-yr-old b-day party. With kids this young, just running around with squirt guns, or confetti eggs is fun. Magicians or clowns can scare 1- and 2-yr-olds. My son had a summer b-day, and the best party ever was the one where we set up a couple of wading pools, a slip-n-slide, and gave all the kids squirt guns. Marisa H's idea is good - - A petting zoo would be fun for this age. However, HAND SANITIZER is NOT a good thing for little ones. The alcohol can be absorbed through the skin and give a slight case of alcohol poisoning. You could have some sort of wash-your-hands with soap and water STATION set up for kids coming out of the pen.



answers from Dallas on

We hired a petting zoo with baby animals and it was a huge hit! We used Cathy's Critters.



answers from Tulsa on

The one year old might enjoy being home more.

My friends paid for a children's pizza party that included 10 minutes with a teen who did a few tricks. It was not such a hit for the young kids. I have done the exact same party at least 7 times as a guest and once for my child over the years. The elementary kids seem to enjoy it more.

The young kids like Pin the Tale on the Donkey, pinata(walmart sells those with strings to pull instead of hitting), and such.



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2-5 year olds usually enjoy bounce houses! They are cheap... In AZ, I paid $85 for a basic one for four hours, and that included delivery, set-up, and take down. They are a great way to keep the kids occupied for longer than a balloon guy or something that goes quickly. We just moved here though, so I'm sorry I can't recommend a rental place.

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