1 Year Old Birthday Party

Updated on March 08, 2008
A.H. asks from Waukesha, WI
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I am wondering if anyone has any creative ideas for my sons 1st birthday party....things they did, themes, games, food, etc? He will be turning one in July and just wanted to start thinking about it. Of course, I know the 1st birthday party is for the parents! =)

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answers from Cedar Rapids on

My kids both enjoyed ice-cream. It was a special treat that we let them have when they were 10 months old or so!! For each of there 1st birthdays, we had ice-cream cakes from Dairy Queen. They loved them!!

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answers from Davenport on

Try www.birthdaypartyideas.com they have anything and evrything for party ideas!

For my son's party we did a king of the sand castle theme! I made a sand castle cake(used finely crushed graham cracker on top of the frosting for the sand). We served our summer style meal out of new sand buckets with shovels for the serving spoons! We went with his pace and we opened most of the gifts for him, but he had fun playing!

Our daughter's first b-day we did an ice cream theme (also summer birthday) we rented a big jumpy house for this one so all the other kids (and a few grown ups too!) had someething to do during all the festivities. again we served a light meal and went with the flow for her gifts! Everyone had a great time.

We always do a huge party for the first birthdays in my husbands family. Frankly I wouldn'y have it any other way! just ahve fun and don't stress yourself out whatever you do!



answers from Milwaukee on

I'm big on parties for kids - I never had them growing up - so I want my kids to have them from birth on...even if the can't remember them, we have the photos.
I usually theme the first party based upon what they wore home from the hospital.
My son was born in 02 - Carters was big on the duck theme for outfits - so his whole party was duck themed. We went to a park with a swimming lake - had the whole family and friends there, with duck cake and BIG duck cupcakes for kids.

My daughter wore a white outfit from Janie/jacks coming home from hospital with a crown and rose on it (her middle name is rose) -- for her first it was rose themed. Rose candles everywhere - the tablecloths were rose giftwrap cut into squares with pink/red candy and the cakes were mini rose bundt cakes!!!

yeah I'm a bit obsessed with parties -- I'd say find what he loves, whethere it's a cars theme - or balls...then have a family baseball game party with a baseball cake.

I just think every year should be special including the 1st. - even if it's for the family....Infact with both my children there really weren't any children around except cousins - it was all family - people there who have helped or supported you during this first year.



answers from Minneapolis on

I did a teddy bear theme for my daughter. I even baked a cake shaped like a bear head. I still have pictures of it. It was so much fun to do and seeing that I added to it was the best. On here 5th party I am going to do princesses of course. My jewelry line has tiarras, and princess items. I am going to dress her up like a princess and try to make her party look like a castle she is going to love it.



answers from Milwaukee on

You are right when you say it is really for the adults. Moms think they should throw a big party for their child's first bday. The reality of it is that the family gets very stressed putting the party together (before with all the preparations and then the clean up).

My suggestion would be to have a small gathering with a few kids the same age and their parents. This group would understand about a small gathering. You may want to think of some sort of craft that the moms could do as a souvenier (foamie picture frame and take pic that day and send home)

For the other family members of the bday child, have it a separate day. This way you would really be able to appreciate the birthday. Your child will not remember what you did or didn't do for their 1st party.

My son has three boy cousins about the same age. Starting with his 2nd birthday, I had just the boys over. It was really a glorified play date. We played games (pin the tail, kiddie bingo, duck duck goose), gave them their own happy meal, and watched a new movie release. By the end of th party some fell asleep watching the movie. It has always been a hit. The other moms get a little extra alone time, if all doesn't go well I don't feel horrible and I didn't spend hours cooking. I also bought a helium tank for $20 and filled the room with latex ballons and colorful curling ribbons. The effect if awesome when little ones see 15-25 pretty ballons and ribbons hanging. I'll always cherish that moment. You can check out the party aisle at walmart, they have inexpensive items there. You can also go the the toddler section and pick out a bingo game (dora, thomas, etc). Give it as your childs 1st gift to open. Don't stress yourself out. You'll have many more birthday to celebrate. Good luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

We just have family over and eat lots of food and cake and ice cream. We don't do games because the kids are too young.



answers from Minneapolis on

One year we did Subway party subs and the next year we did Pizza Hut. We didn't play games but did provide balls, jump rope, bubbles, fun glasses, etc. for the kids to play with. Last year we didn't provide the little toys because we had the party at a playground and that was entertaining enough for the kids. I have two girls so you wouldn't be interested in the themes we did:)



answers from Minneapolis on

We kept is simple. This is not overwhelm the child. It is their birthday not ours. We had her Grandmother visit from many states away which was special since we don't get to see her very much. We made a birthday cake for her, got her a hat and a new bib and her own placemat. If you have many relatives here then that could be a different story. But still our child loved her little party! Remember what they see and experience at that age is vastly different than a 3, 4 or 5 year old. Children even older may not be able to sit there very long. Feed them, maybe light a candle, help them if needed to blow it out. Use a Video recorder and Photos both! Documenting the even is even more important than what is done! As that what will bring back memories. Also could rent or buy a special young child's dvd or vhs and later make the video and photos if can in to a PowerPoint presentation for your child to enjoy with you when they are older.
Can save it to a CD too!


answers from Milwaukee on

I would advise not to have 40 guest over, keep it small... I invited the grandparents, aunts and uncles then the great grandparents which were brought by great uncle and aunts and we ended up having about 40 people. It was a bit overwhelming for everyone... but we did all have fun talking.

I had lots of individual bite size food (pigs n blankets, mini pizzas and so on). I also did individual cakes (cupcakes or a fun shape) so that I would not need to spend extra time cutting the cake.

I decorated with 1st birthday decorations... I was going to throw it out or give it away but found that I can buy separate big numbers and just tape it over the 1 so I can use the decorations for a few more years. That was pretty much the theme 1st birthday!

We did not play any specific game. As a mom said below we had balls, jump ropes, and chalk for the younger ones and board games/cards for the older kids and adults.

My daughter had a lot of fun, I even got her down for a 2 hour nap while everyone played games outside.

Remember to enjoy the day, don't do too much otherwise you will miss your son having fun eating his cake.



answers from Minneapolis on

For my daughter's first brithday, I had the guests at her birthday party write wishes for her as she grew up on little pieces of paper and then made those wishes into a hardbound book as a keepsake. I used a company called Heritage Makers to make the hardbound book. I'll be happy to fill you in on the details of how I made the book if you are interested. Just email me! Heritage Makers website: http://www.frommemoriestobooks.com



answers from Minneapolis on

Here are some ideas I've seen at other birthday parties and enjoyed it.

Games: 1) Guessing games for parents and some older kids, 'guess how many are in the jar'. Goldfishes, wrapped snacks, etc. Closest guess wins. 2) For my daughter's 1st birthday, I put a sticker under one of the birthday plates before randomly handing out the cake. Then right when all your guests each get a piece, announce that whoever has a sticker under their plate, wins a prize. Our guests loved this idea since it had the surprise factor. 3) If you have extra time on your hands, we went to a party where the dad created a slide show using powerpoint of their daughter's first year...it was great seeing how much she has grown and changed...he had fun music to go with the slide as well.

Themes: Kiddie Pool Party with sandbox (optional)...perfect for July weather!



answers from Iowa City on

I would suggest to check out www.familyfun.com. Go to the library and look some magazines..Family Fun, PArents, Parenting etc....

We have always done a small cake for the birthday child to dig into and a bigger cake for guests to share. I know that Super Walmart will give you a small cake if you buy a bigger cake for everyone else. Just have fun and takes lots of pictures!!!! You may want to do it at a park or outside becasue it can get messy!!




answers from Lincoln on

We just celebrated our son's first birthday this past weekend. What a fun time. Here are some things that we did that were fun:
1) I debated over getting a cake made or making one myself. I went to Michael's and bought a cake pan in the shape of a car and I made the cake... it was so fun, not perfect, but perfect because it was specially made.
2) I wrapped a box for our son to open on his 18th Bday and I had everyone at the party write a note to him. Their hopes, dreams for him; what they thought he would be when he is grown; whatever they wanted to say to him. (our party was all grandparents & Aunts & Uncles.)
3) I did not plan anything for any certian time frame. we played the day by however our son was acting and it made it FUN instead of stressful!
4) do things ahead of time... I stayed up way to late the night before finishing things up and I ended up with a headache all day for his party -- not a good idea!
5) our party favors were little bags of hugs/kisses (chocolate) w/ a tag tied to each bag that read "hugs and kisses from 'child's name'! thanks for coming to my first birthday party!"



answers from Minneapolis on

Have a party in your backyard.

Have a slip n slide, kiddie pool for the older kids if any are attending stuff like that. Maybe hire a clown.

Barbeque on the grill.

The one thing I screwed up with my daughter's 1st birthday was I didn't take her "nap time" into consideration. I would do your party for dinner time and make sure your little guy has had his afternoon nap. Having the party at home with a barbeque is relaxed and if you need something or he needs something your not hauling everything with like play pens and such.



answers from Omaha on

For my son we did a construction truck theme with signs that read "Stop! I'm 1". It was cute, but since you are having a summer birthday you could do something informal outside. I've heard of someone doing a barnyard/farm theme. They put out bales of hay in their garage and driveway for people to sit and climb on. For the food they had barbeque and picnic/potluck foods. It seemed really laid back and nothing fancy. I thought that it was a cute idea. Have fun planning!

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