1 POSITIVE And 2 Negative??

Updated on February 26, 2009
K.S. asks from Salem, OR
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Hello all!!

Saturday i took an EPT preg test at 14 DPO and received a faint but very there POSITIVE. Yesterday and today i took 2 more EPTS and got negatives. i called the EPT hotline and they told me a line is a line as long as its colored (it was). i asked why would i be getting negatives now, they told me cause i probably had enough HCG on Saturday but not enough yesterday and today cause its still so very early or my urine could have been too diluted. which come to think of it i was cleaning last night and drank a lot of juice. went to bed at 2:30am and woke up at 12pm. anyone else have this experience and was your test really positive??? i am hoping its positive!! i have never had EPT let me down.....

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answers from Seattle on

A line is a line is a line....HOWEVER...(and here's the not fun part), if any of the major genetics didn't mesh up correctly -which happens all the time- a chemical is secreted by the ova that either doesn't allow implantation, or that breaks the bonds and starts releasing it. The fertility docs I know say that on average, a woman having unprotected sex has between 4-7 of these per year (we could go into the details, but I won't here)...and doesn't even know it...because their period isn't late. Obviously the first 2-3 months are what's commonly known as the "dangerous" period...but it's really the very first 2-3 weeks where the body really checks and makes sure there are an appropriate number of eyes, heads, limbs, the ability to make blood, etc.

So, now that I've been the stick in the mud, can everyone else issue congratulations? Because, K., more then likely #3 is no longer ttc, but on the way. :) If you can stand the suspense wait a week...otherwise go burn through some tests.


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answers from Seattle on

Take a deep breath and breathe.... If you were trying to get pregnant, treat your body as if you were from the time you decided to have another child. Your body will have been in great shape to start nurturing this new life. You're not that 'late', and diluted urine will cause an unclear reading. But again, what would you do differently if you weren't pregnant? You're taking prenatal vitamins to keep your folc acid levels high, you're not drinking or smoking... life is good. Things remain the same between you and your husband. We've become to dependent on instant results, instant gratification. Our moms and grandmothers waited until they were 2-3 months along to go see their ob-gyn's to confirm their pregnancies. It still took 9 months for the baby to arrive. If you think you are and have concerns about this pregnancy, by all means go see your ob-gyn. A physical exam coupled with a urine test there can give you the answers you want. Hope all works out!!

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answers from Detroit on

Hey K.,
Zoe did a great job of explaining this. Yes, if you had a positive test you are prego! Congrats! Now, some pregnancies are lost very early so you may want to wait a week and take another test. The hormone that the test measures should become stronger and stronger with each passing day. If you take another test in a week and it is negative, it may mean that you had a very early miscarriage. These are very, very common- many women have them and don't even know, their period is just a day or two late. Good luck to you!



answers from Portland on

This happened to my best friend recently as well but she is in fact pregnant so if I were you, I would take care of myself and make your first doctor appt. Congratulations!


answers from Seattle on

Everyone sort of sum'd this up but I wanted to put in m two cents. with my second I had a fifty fifty split. every other one said something different. I have a two year now!! My third i had several negs. before i actually got the pos. I knew even though i was getting nes i was prego. there was just that sixth sense i had. so you are diffinitly preg. if you are still second guessing get into see your ob!!



answers from Portland on

I had this happen with my first pregnancy. And I had actually thrown them away.. then curiousity took over and I pulled them back out to look... they were soo faint you could barely see them. I did end up being pregnant, but it was ectopic and ended up in Emergency surgery 8 weeks later after other treatments didn't work. I'd make a Dr.'s appointment just to have them check with a couple simple blood tests, just to check your levels... Good Luck!



answers from Portland on

I never mess around with ANY pregnancy tests that have lines. Get the ones that say PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT with words. It's the way to go!



answers from Anchorage on

I had like 5 negatives and I now have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter.lol
good luck!


answers from Seattle on

Try to do the test in the morning with the first pee. Good luck!



answers from Portland on

Anytime I have ever gotten a positive pregnancy test I was pregnant. I have heard of this before, so I think it's likely that you are infact pregnant. My favorite tests are Dollar Tree brand (yes, they only cost $1). They're super cheap and accurate. Good luck!



answers from Bellingham on

The way those tests work, you can get false negatives, but you can not get a false positive. So if you got a positive result once, you are pregnant. Congratulations :)



answers from Portland on

False positives happen with three kinds of medication prescribed for rare things. False negatives happen for a much, much wider variety of reasons. I got some false ones and I am due to deliver in a week and half. If in doubt go see your obgyn or wait a week and take another. Let us know!!!!



answers from Dallas on

I had bought a 2test package of EPT Pregnancy Tests and didn't even realize it came with a free digital one. I took the regular line one and the line was extremely faint. I also took this test 5 days prior to my expected period date. If you take a pregnancy test too early it could read negative even if you are in fact pregnant. I couldn't wait a few more days to take another test so I decided to take the digital one, after drinking lots of water to do the test again, and without a doubt it was POSITIVE :) I'm in the military so, we are required to have a blood test done to ensure that we are truly pregnant. So, that is another way of finding out if you are or not, but it can be pricey if you don't have insurance. Again if it's too soon to detect, it will also read negative but blood is the most accurate. Good luck to you and I hope that you get the positive you're looking for soon!

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