1-1/2 Year Old Who Only Eats Pureed Food

Updated on October 21, 2007
R. asks from Greenville, SC
7 answers

Hi, my 1-1/2 year old daughter has always had a very sensitive gag reflex. We didn't know how sensitive until after 6 months, she started to refuse anything that was not completely pureed. At 12 months, she was still eating #2 baby food and couldn't handle cheerios. She is now almost 18 months and is still only eating #2 baby foods, pureed pumpkin, applesauce. Anytime I try to feed her something with the slightest lump in it, she will either immediately find it out with her tongue and spit it out or gag and throw up. And she really throws up. On that one little lump, she sometimes throws up her whole meal. I don't think anything is wrong with her physically, and she is going to see her doctor for a well-check next week. She is a little small for her age and was slow to walk and isn't talking much yet either, but she is the sweetest baby ever, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Just wondered if anyone has experienced the same thing and has good advice. Thanks!

BTW, has anyone used Speech Therapy in the Greenville area for a similar situation? I have a friend who told me that this is a service that should be offered for free, since it is considered a part of social services, or something like that. Anyone have a group or therapist's name to offer?

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answers from Spartanburg on

I agree with Roxanne to a certain degree. As long as your child is eating and growing well, I wouldn't worry to much about things. If you are very concerned about it all, you could ask for a Speech Therapist to evaluate her. It is probably just a slightly delayed swallowing reflex. Most Children will outgrow it given time. It can be frustrating and scary at times, but anything that we go through with our children can be!! LOL

Good luck with everything.



answers from Spartanburg on

Hi my name is T. and my son has some of the same issues however since my son has been in occupational therpy he can tolerate more foods and textures. they are traind in this area this can effect the speech. so i would sugest seeing a physican and talking them about this issue. All children are gifts from god.




answers from Savannah on

i'm sorry but none of my children had that problem. i hope all turns out well with her check up.



answers from Myrtle Beach on

Please call me if you can. I think what you are dealing with is a texture issue. My son has just gotten over this!! We do speech therapy here in myrtle beach. I know i can help you with this till you get to the doctor. Literally, like in a day it will improve.





answers from Augusta on

talk to your doctor about it.



answers from Macon on

Hi R., congratulations on your 1 1/2 year old. You made it through the first year. My 3 1/2 year old is the same way. I just feed him what he likes. If you want to get away from baby food, then make a meal and puree it for her. You can get an inexpensive food processor at Target.




answers from Spartanburg on

Oh, I feel your pain! My son was the same way! While he didn't go as long as your daughter with the texture aversion, it did last a long time. He couldn't even have birthday cake at his 1st birthday party! We just had to go with it for the most part. I would try things here & there, some days were good, others we were covered in throw-up. He was on Stage 2 forever, but finally moved up so easy Stage 3's and moved up again to chunkier finally. He teethed real late, cut his first at 11 months (he's almost 21 months old and only has 6 teeth) and was a late walker, too. My daycare actually tried to force me to let them give him solids, but a doctor's note kept that at bay. I think we were finally able to move on to solids for good around 15 months.

In the quest for solids, in these cases, it's about time & patience. He'll still gag on things every once in a while & my head whips around to make sure he's okay. After going through all that for months, old habits die hard. If there's anything more I can do for you, please feel free to contact me! Even if I just listen. Trust me, I know how hard & frustrating it can all be.

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