1-1/2 Year Old - Always Climbing!!!

Updated on March 26, 2008
S.S. asks from South Glens Falls, NY
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My son is always climbing on everything. Our sofa is in front of a bay window and he is always in it. Today he realized he can climb on the kitchen chairs and then onto the table so he did that all day. He climbed into the Pack'n'Play yesterday, from just a cushion on the floor (maybe 6" thick). I am really worried that he will climb out of his crib. The only things in his crib at night are his Glow Worm and his blankie- nothing solid he can pile up and stand on. He is definitely not ready for a toddler bed, though.
Does anyone has experience/advise with kids climbing out of their cribs or how to prevent it?

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your advice!!

My husband and I discussed toddler bed vs. crib tent and decided to try the crib tent first. My son went right to sleep in it tonight without any fuss, did not seem concerned. Fingers crossed!
In our dining room we have a dry erase board and every time he climbs on the table we put a mark up. 3 marks and gates go up so he can't go in the dining room until after he sleeps (nap or bedtime) except to eat - we carry him to his booster seat and then back out. This seems to be working, he hates being locked out of the dining room, and he has been sitting in the chairs wonderfully for 3 days.
We rearranged our living room so he can stand on a bench and look out the living room bay window, but not climb in it.
We do let him climb on lots of things: the ottoman, the chairs, my bed, etc. But the window and the table and his crib are too high for him to fall from.
Oh, and he does very well on the stairs.
I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm under 5' tall and I climb all the time to reach things! We have a standing lamp and I have to climb on the couch to turn it on, for example. He's really going through a "just like mommy" phase. Yesterday I cleaned our sliding glass door with glass cleaner & a paper towel and he came over and cleaned it again with his bare hands! I bought him a little step stool that looks like mine so he can climb safely, but not so high.

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Give a crib tent a try for the crib. They are great. As for the other things he's climbing on, you are going to have to keep up with him for a week or two and when he starts to climb, quickly and gently, pull him off or down, get down to his level, look him in the eyes and explain why he cannot do this. Explain or take him to where he can do this. Follow through with this for about 2 weeks and he should understand where he can and cannot climb. Good luck.

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My son is 27 months, and I still don't want to take him out of the crib. Luckily he's not intrested in climbing out of it, and his crib has a back side that is much higher than the front. My plan is to turn it around so he can't climb it, if it comes to that. in anycase, I've read something about a crib tent in one of the on line articles. They suggested it for exactly what you're experiencing, so may be worth the research. Good luck



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Here'S. different approach you may want to consider (or not). My daughter was also a climber. When, at 6 mos. she figured out how to climb up the stairs, I went out and got the baby gate, but I also spent a few hours with her teaching her how to climb safely back down the stairs (backwards)- just in case the gate was accidentally left open. When she was caught trying to climb out of her crib, I bought the tent, but it did not fit on my crib. I had her practice climbing out- showing her where to put her feet so she could get safely to the floor. (Until I was able to get her into a toddler bed). It gave me peace of mind to know that she could get herself out of trouble if she needed to. Its not that you want to encourage climbing, but if they're going to do it anyway, make sure they can do it safely!



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My second son is a climber... STRESSFUL, yes. He learned to climb out of his crib at 21 months. At that point I put him in a toddler bed. It was a transition for him and a source of delight that he was "free" but much safer for me.

He is 28 months now and I need to keep a close watch on him because he still loves to climb on everything. I hear they grow out of it. I'll let you know when he does. :)



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I had two that did NOT climb out of the crib and one that did. For the one that did, I put the mattress down as low and would go, and put some pillows on the floor. This was VERY short term. I did this only until I could get my 3 1/2 year old into a twin bed, rearrange the bedroom (they shared at the time) and put him in the toddler bed. I was too scared that he would get hurt, or be wandering the house in the middle of the night. Once the crib was gone, a gate in front of the door kept them safe in their room. Once they figure out that they can get their leg over the side, that's pretty much the end. I actually caught my guy hanging with one leg over, one starting over...



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One Step Ahead has a product you may want to look into. It's screened cover for a crib. It's doom shaped with a zipper closure. It ties onto the crib so they can't get out.



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Are you sure your not talking about my 3 sons LOL

This is UNfortunately normal

I moved my sofas because i was worried they might fall over the railing and down the stairs,

for the most part mine are OK and able to balance and things,

but i still keep a close watch,

as for the tables, if they climb on the counter or tables

BED TIME, this is dangerous and just plain BAD idea

I say get down right now, and then point to their rooms and then put them to sleep,
till they stop crying,

This is what a do for every BAD behavior or act.
throwing, hitting, mess making( more than just average)LOL

As for climbing out the crib, it will happen as soon as you see him lifting is leg up to the railing, you know its gonna happen.

LOWER it to the lowest setting , and if he starts climbibg out,LEave the railing DOWN, its safer than being up high, Pack-N Plays are usually more difficult to climb out of.

This is a hard stage, but it does stop eventually.and toddler beds are sometimes easier. if not safer.

Good Luck



Never heard of a crib tent, but they sound pretty good.
My boys would just play in it tho and probably break it, and could certainly unzip it,too smart for their own good.LOL



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16 months was how old my son was when he first climbed out of the crib-he has always been off the charts in height. So I moved my daughter out of the toddler bed and him into it. It was challenging but I didn't want him to get hurt.

My mom's suggestion at the time was to keep the gate lowered so he wouldn't have so far to fall but that didn't sit well with me.

So we made the nursery ultra baby proof and put a gate up at the door. It was exhausting teaching him but it was a peace of mind for us. HTH!




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i have always used the crib tent and it is awesome. actually the crib tent 2, covers the inside and over the top. mine are all climbers, and this thing is well worth the $$ for the peace of mind. trust me, the climbing will only get worse... i feel like i spend my whole day saying "get down!" get the crib tent, at least you will relax at night! fyi, if you change the sheets very often, maybe get that zip off sheet, or do the layering thing like i do, because the tent does make changing the sheets even more of a pita :)

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