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What is your go to digestive upset remedy?

T. D. asks from New York

Feeling bloated, a wee bit constipated and looking for a natural remedy. What is your go to remedy for when your gut is feeling off and you want to get it back on track? I would also like to drop a few lbs.. But eating healthy and exercise have failed me in the past so...


Traveling mom trying to talk to my 7 year old son.

I. B. asks from Sacramento

Hi. I am the primary custodial parent of my 7 year old son. I work. I have to travel for work at least 2 weeks out of the month. When I'm traveling of course I miss my only son. I will FaceTime with him as much as I can when I'm away, usually at least once before sch...


How do you not let the little thing ruin your marriage and relationships?

b. o. asks from Harrodsburg

I have a huge problem with this. Maybe its having 3 kids in 2 years I don't know. I say I am fine and then I end up resenting the person and blowing up at them, then the next day I feel bad and end up giving them gifts to make up for it. I have ruined a lot of good rela...


Stainless steel, leak proof water bottle for lunch box

a. a. asks from Albuquerque

We are currently using the Funtainer water bottles and at least once a week someone comes home with a soggy backpack. I know sometimes they forget to close the lid and it leaks in their lunchbox. Other times the button somehow gets pressed while in their backpack or lun...


Female pediatrician for boys?

K. C. asks from Harrisonburg

Is it common for a boy to continue see a female pediatrician for yearly check-ups, even as he gets older? Those of you who take your kids to a female pediatrician, how old are your sons, and thorough of an exam does she do? My son is currently 10, and everything is f...


Heart murmur, high blood pressure

l. j. asks from Picayune

Ok here this goes... I went in to my doctor last week for my 6 month check up. My doctor said my blood pressure is up a bit and wanted to up my blood pressure medicine from 25mg twice a day to 50 mg twice a day. My hypothyroidism levels are almost at the 5.00(meaning I...


Update on deleted question post

D. B. asks from Westborough

Re the deleted questions and the specific concerns about the woman with the emotionally abusive husband who asked 2 questions about 1) what to do and 2) can a husband change. I had a couple of personal messages from her. These go to my Junk folder for some reason so I...


A gift for the postman?

S. M. asks from Chicago

Hello Friends, Do you give Christmas gifts for service workers? Specifically for your mailman? I don’t know ours personally but he’s been delivering on my route for a couple years and seems to work 6 days a week this holiday season. I just thought it would be a nice ...


A Day That Ended With The Christmas Tree In The Yard

I have been married for 15 GLORIOUS years. My spouse, like most husbands, does not especially enjoy honey do lists. For years I have talked about outdoor holiday lighting. I see to the indoor decorations, but outside stays mostly unimpressive. We live in a neighborhood where many families let their Christmas cheer spill over into their yards. I love driving through the streets at night and beholding the wonderment of every lit up home…. More


That Time I Left Youth Football In An Ambulance

by Tonja Bell of "Bell on Heels"

I love football. So when my son begged to play rec league three years ago, I was beyond thrilled. I am just Jonathan’s mom on the sidelines. I probably have a reputation for being overzealous where my kids are concerned. My middle school band son said that I am no longer allowed to dance beside the brass section at the football games when he performs…. More


Can’t believe parents do this at birthday parties.

M. C. asks from Lombard

I just picked up my daughter who is in 5th grade from a party. I saw tears in her eyes on our way home and she told me all the other girls (6) were invited to sleep over. I was wondering why none of the other parents were coming to pick-up when I was there. I was confus...


I Was Lost in the Laundry. Did Anyone Even Notice I Was Gone?

I was watching a daily news program during my morning 15 Minutes of Silence.

If you mamas out there don’t practice this habit, trust me, you need this. Start your day, before the kiddos wake up and the chaos ensues, with at least 15 minutes of only you, your fav coffee mug and whatever you fancy: Candy Crush, The Today Show, Facebook, planner planning, bible journaling, staring off into space, dreaming of going back to bed in 15 hours. Whatevs. You choose. And because wine is frowned upon in the mornings, this really is the next best thing. It is so good for the soul and for your AM ‘mom mood’…. More


Does anyone have experience with a spinal tap?

D. N. asks from Chicago

My daughter got a spinal tap last month--almost exactly a month ago. She was diagnosed with viral meningitis. She is still recovering with her immune system being a bit weaker. However, she is still having a lot of pain where they did the tap. Has anyone had one? Ho...


keeping distance when a child might want not too

J. g. asks from Chicago

As some of you have older kids, I'm hoping someone has a polite way to not let a child play with another child. We are going camping with a large group of people, and there is one girl that my 5 year old use to play with. We no longer have a connection to the family ...


cat sitting issue

J. g. asks from Chicago

We are going away and I had arranged for in-home pet care for the cat, dog and fish. Our home was vacant for a significant amount of time, and greatly neglected, and it's in the woods. We have been slowly working to keep the mice out, but for every hole we fill, another ...