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Can it be depression?

E. D. asks from Los Angeles

I have been having some symptoms lately and just want to know if this might be depression. I don't have negative thoughts very often, I am not sad, I don't cry. But, I am tired all the time, I have 0 energy, some days it's hard to get out of the bad. It's hard to take sh...


can someone help desperate recently dumped wife need advice

t. O. asks from Utica

i am getting annoyed with people on here very judgemental and accuse people of things before they have the facts my husband just left me with 2 boys to raise for another woman plus i am pregnant got no one to talk to what the world coming to thought this is a advice site


How do I deal with this

S. D. asks from Las Vegas

I am in a serious relationship with a man that has 2 kids. The mother of the kids left when they were very young. Leaving the grandma to help raise them with my soon to be husband. The ages are 12 and 16. I been wanting to build a relationship as step mother but I don’...


Do my kids need helmets?

B. B. asks from Arlington Heights

Hi, so I have a 16, 14, 12, and 7 year old daughter that I had with my previous husband. I got remarried and had a daughter with my second husband. My daughter is now 5 and is starting to ride a bike. My 7, 12, 14, and 16 year olds have never worn helmets before. I’ve ...


Had a close call with injury

B. C. asks from Daly City

Hello there, Any advice on super scary moment and how to process? It’s bothering my husband and I. We had a momentary lapse that could have been fatal. I can’t stop thinking about ‘what if’ scenario. Was picking up our car (it was off) from dealership...


How Do Galactagogues Work?

by Brooke Nally

Things are always better in color, right? Colorful photos, colorful fashion, colorful makeup palettes, and for today’s extra special treat—colorful galactagogues, or more specifically, the rainbow of galactagogues…. More


Coach By Example...Your Kids Are Listening

by Kristy Pepping of Upparent

On your mark, beep! I dive into the icy cold pool, goggles on, with a range of emotions. Can I do this? It’s been years since I donned a race suit and swam in competition mode. What is everyone thinking about me? Will I make my family proud or disappointed? But I’m doing this for my daughter, despite my fear and reservations…. More


Make Sure to Enjoy Your Travels with These Tips

by Sienna Penfold

Traveling is one of the best things you can do in life. It gives you the time to relax, get out of your comfort zone, and meet amazing people. Whenever you have the chance to hit the road, make sure to use the opportunity. But traveling without a plan and directions can be stressful. Luckily, the internet is here to help with some excellent advice on smooth and relaxing trips…. More