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Mortgage approval question **ETA

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

As you may recall, we are considering moving to the opposite side of the state we currently live in. I got some great advice from everyone about what we should be looking for insofar as determining whether the area will be a good fit for us. (just a reminder that where...

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Back to school stress relief?

M. K. asks from Palo Alto

My daughter (about to start 7th grade this year) is feeling stressed about school. I know that when I was her age I sometimes was anxious about back to school, but I personally know that she has nothing to worry about. She was a good student last year, has great friends,...

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Should we even consider this?

C. T. asks from Red River

I am asking you all this because I don't know what to think! My husband got a call yesterday by people wanting him to apply to a job in Idaho at a national lab. It's a job sort of similar to what he does now (at a different national lab) but much higher up in the ranking...

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The Ultimate List of Things to Do While You're on Bedrest

I’m currently on pregnancy bedrest (for the second time) due to preterm labor and a handful of other issues. Bedrest is one of those things that has been around virtually forever but hasn’t been proven to be particularly effective, not to mention it comes with its own set of risks. For those reasons, it’s prescribed only when all other options have been exhausted, and there just isn’t anything else to do. While the idea of lounging around for weeks or even months at a time might sound like a luxurious vacation to some, believe me, it gets old fast. I’ve always thrived the most when I keep busy, and I love to be out exploring the city versus being cooped up indoors, so if I don’t have some sort of a plan my mental state starts to suffer pretty quickly. That’s where this list comes in, I began to compile it during my first pregnancy and wrote everything out in earnest as soon as I found out I would be prescribed bed rest again. Hopefully, if you find yourself in a similar situation it can be of some help to you, I’ve tried to include as many resources as possible along with the suggestions, so you’ve been warned, I’m not joking when I call it the “ultimate” list, it’s long. I’ve tried to break it up into sections to make it easy to jump around and find what appeals to you, and you can always bookmark it and come back to it later…. More


Home Educating While Abroad: A Beginner’s Guide

Homeschooling your children can be a daunting task, but doing it while traveling abroad? That can be downright scary at first thought. There is, of course, a lot to consider. You may want your children to have an immersive educational experience. Or, you may want to focus on art and music in Spain. Two months later, when you’re in Greece, you may want to them to learn about science. You might favor a schedule that balances out the curriculum in a more traditional way such as focusing a little on each subject per day. Whichever way you choose to create your homeschooling environment, here is a starter guide to help you navigate the waters…. More


How to Pack Up Your Life and Hit the Road

The decision to live a nomadic life comes with the choice of what to do with all your stuff. It generally comes down to two options: get rid of everything, or downsize and rent out your home. Over the years we have tried both, as well as a third. Just keep some stuff. Below I will outline the method we used for each…and the outcomes…. More


What Your Child Fears Most When He Comes Out To You

You think you know your child. And suddenly, when he comes out, the news can be such a surprise to you that your brain goes into denial mode. This news goes against the grain of the traditional life you’ve envisioned for your child, even before birth. How dare he interrupt your dream based on cis-gender roles and tell you, the parent, that he knows better about his future! Even if parents suspect their child is LGBTQ, it’s not always a relief to have your suspicions confirmed…. More


Husband hates our dog

Z. R. asks from Houston

We are new dog parents, our new dog has only been with us for 11 days. It turns out my husband is now saying he doesn't want a dog and he only agreed because the kids and I wanted one. He complains about everything, if the dog licks him he is grossed out, he won't even p...

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How to deal with a nagging employee?

S. C. asks from Houston

My husband and i opened a small business last year and employed a part time employee who will have to work at the office 2-3 days a week on her own. Considering this we make it u by being very flexible in many aspects. She is well paid and sometimes we give her extra lea...

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Caught my daughter cheating

K. B. asks from Houston

My daughter is in 5th grade. She is really trying to do well in school, so that she can get a phone at the end of the school year. she’s struggles in school because of her ADHD. Last night she had 3 tests to study for & I caught her writing answers on her hand. Right ...

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