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Is this excessive helicopter parenting

j. c. asks from Walnut Creek

I have a sweet and kind 7-year-old boy "Adam". He is close friends with another boy from school, "Ben", because we are good friends with Ben's parents--we get together often and go on trips together. I am not around much to supervise play dates since I have a very dema...

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Losing my mind over puppy with worms

J. M. asks from Anaheim

We just got a puppy not knowing she had roundworms. She licked my kids faces on our way home before I knew anything about these parasites. She had 2 accidents on our laminate (poop) which I cleaned promptly but I am reading that no chemicals will kill them. I bought a...

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Microwave or Toaster Oven

A. M. asks from Tampa

Our microwave pooped out. I have 2 teenage kids - so convenience is appreciated. As I was looking at new microwaves, I saw ads for Toaster Ovens. I've never had one. My parents used theirs more than the microwave or oven (but then again its just the 2 of them). So ...

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What Your Child Fears Most When He Comes Out To You

You think you know your child. And suddenly, when he comes out, the news can be such a surprise to you that your brain goes into denial mode. This news goes against the grain of the traditional life you’ve envisioned for your child, even before birth. How dare he interrupt your dream based on cis-gender roles and tell you, the parent, that he knows better about his future! Even if parents suspect their child is LGBTQ, it’s not always a relief to have your suspicions confirmed…. More


Protect The Girls And Protect Your Family

by Lorin Harrott

I went for coffee with girlfriends recently. I say “girl” friends, but really we are all in our forties, a few years beyond girlhood. We are all moms with daughters that move in the same social environments. These are lovely, well-educated women with ambitious and busy lives. So you can imagine my surprise—or maybe you can’t—when, during a talk about the inequities of the aging process between men and women, I learned that none of these women had ever gone for a mammogram…. More


Hangry: the New Road Rage

Travel is awesome. Seeing the world and fully engaging with it in meaningful ways can’t be beaten. But, add a little hunger to that mix and together time can quickly turn hangry. How can you avoid this recipe for sullen, short tempered travelers? Stay well fed and hydrated…and get enough rest too…. More


Fatty Deposit on Toddler's Forehead

J. R. asks from Cambridge

My son is 2.5 years old. He bumped his head at his grandparent's house when he was about 1. He needed stitches; it was a very deep wound. I've noticed a lump when he raises his eyebrows that seems to be getting bigger. It has been well over a year now, so I am confused. ...

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Alternatives to a barium swallow study?

J. K. asks from Boston

My daughter is 6 and yesterday had her 7th barium swallow study at a local children's hospital. She has issues with aspiration and while we were lucky enough to avoid a g tube, her diet is pretty much completely compromised of pediasure. We had 6 previous swallow studies...

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Lower incisor extraction??

M. E. asks from Watertown

Hi, My 12-year-old son will be getting braces soon. His original dentist/orthodontist had suggested that he get four molars removed before braces due to extreme overcrowding. We decided to take him to our local university dental school to save money ($2,000), and his st...

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Education question for 11 year old

L. R. asks from Boston

My husband and I have different views about what a "good education" is. Currently, we have three boys. The oldest is 11 and attends public school, but has complained since first grade that he is bored in school and is not interested in anything. Fortunately, he has do...

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