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Do people really mean how this sounds?

B. F. asks from Bear

Why do people say "You should've" or "You shouldn't have" about something someone ELSE said or did? Or else they mean a third party when they say it. It's like WHO are THEY to tell ME what I should've or shouldn't have done?! I think it sounds judgmental--most of th...


Does my daughter need a helmet for long bike rides?

B. T. asks from Arlington Heights

I relatively new mom, 21 years of age, and I have a 6 year old daughter. My daughter learned how to ride a bike last year and she stopped wearing a helmet this year. I’m wondering if she needs a helmet on long bike rides? She doesn’t need one when she is riding her b...


How to get into a hard private school?

. . asks from Los Angeles

Dear: experts, I really want to be with my friend at a local Christian private school that is competitive about student's grade school. I have a short amount of time to prepare, and my grades right now aren't very good:( What can I do?


Six year old frequently losing her things

n. z. asks from Los Angeles

My 6 year old (7 next month) who will be entering the first grade in the fall frequently forgets her jacket at school. Last school year, she lost two jackets (even though they had her name on them) and left her jackets at school a number of times overnight or longer, whi...


Looking for some outside viewpoints on some confusion.

B. F. asks from Bear

Years ago at a holiday gathering my son did something that got a few people's feathers ruffled, and I was standing right with him to be supportive. I was ready to stand up for him, which I did. Well, one of the attendees saw what he did, got upset about it and ultimate...


Bored 10-year-old at Home for Summer

W. W. asks from Los Angeles

My 10-year-old has always been at the Y for the summer but this is the first summer that he's going to be home with no planned activities to keep him occupied. I do have him enrolled in summer camps for a couple weeks of the summer but can't afford more than that, so it...


Can tippytoe walking cause issues?

S. M. asks from Chicago

My 9 year old daughter almost exclusively walks on her tiptoes when she’s barefoot. I don’t think it’s causing a problem now per se but don’t want issues in the future. I will bring it up at her next doctor’s appointment but just thought I’d throw it out here...


How to fire nanny because of language barrier?

C. E. asks from Deerfield

I hired our nanny about 5 months ago and am struggling with how to let her go. She speaks Spanish and very little to no English at all. I knew that she didn’t speak English well when I hired her but she said she was eager to learn and wanted to nanny in an English spea...


Kitchen remodel derailed by bad appraisal

S. M. asks from Chicago

***ADDITIONAL INFO BELOW*** My husband and I decided to finally remodel our outdated kitchen. Our plan was to do a total kitchen remodel which is very pricey so we applied for a loan. Prior to applying for the loan my sister-in-law (who is a realtor) did a market ana...


Why, When & How to Toilet Train a Toddler

by Joan Lowell

Is toilet training in your near future?

You’ve survived your baby’s infancy. Congratulations! Let’s get onto those exciting toddler years, when kids are so easy to please. (Trust me!). Now let’s talk about toilet training. Spring and summer are a great time to start…. More


Is Disney Educational? Of Course It Is!

A couple years ago, there was a discussion about taking your child out of school for a trip to a
Disney theme park. Many people—mainly teachers—were complaining that parents take their children out of school as a learning experience, and that it didn’t seem like a valid excuse. Then one mom actually said that Disney was not a learning experience. I have to 110 percent disagree with Disney World not being a learning environment…. More


Moisturizer or Not for teen acne??

N. R. asks from Chicago

My teenager has mild to moderate acne. Top rated dermatologists had lengthy wait lists so friends recommended we go to our pediatrician. Peds office says they are well-versed dealing with this, as I'm sure they are. But, our doc (after recommending OTC Clearasil and Diff...


Libraries Need Love, Too!

In this day and age of computers, electronic teaching toys, and educational DVDs, public libraries may seem too old-fashioned to be of use to parents of younger children. (Or even older children, as they no longer have to go to the library to do research.) I think that is far from the truth!… More


Birthday party ideas for my preteen

S. M. asks from Chicago

Hi friends, I’m looking for suggestions for my almost 12 year old son’s upcoming birthday. We have a party planned at our house in a few weeks and I’m struggling trying to think of some sort of activity that would be fun for their age group. The weather is always i...