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Privacy for opposite sex siblings

n. z. asks from Los Angeles

Next month, my daughter will turn 6 and my son will be 3.5. Occasionally, I bathe them together. I have caught my daughter staring at his penis and/or making comments about it. FYI, I deal with it very matter of factly. My question is, is it time to give them a b...

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Fatty Deposit on Toddler's Forehead

J. R. asks from Cambridge

My son is 2.5 years old. He bumped his head at his grandparent's house when he was about 1. He needed stitches; it was a very deep wound. I've noticed a lump when he raises his eyebrows that seems to be getting bigger. It has been well over a year now, so I am confused. ...

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I can't get used to being a single mother

E. B. asks from Carbon Hill

I am in the middle of a nasty divorce. I have a 6 yo boy and 1 yo girl. My husband has been abusive and things got so worse that i decided to file for divorce. It's been really hard on so many levels. It's hard to accept that my marriage is over and that i have to adapt ...

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Alternatives to a barium swallow study?

J. K. asks from Boston

My daughter is 6 and yesterday had her 7th barium swallow study at a local children's hospital. She has issues with aspiration and while we were lucky enough to avoid a g tube, her diet is pretty much completely compromised of pediasure. We had 6 previous swallow studies...

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Lower incisor extraction??

M. E. asks from Watertown

Hi, My 12-year-old son will be getting braces soon. His original dentist/orthodontist had suggested that he get four molars removed before braces due to extreme overcrowding. We decided to take him to our local university dental school to save money ($2,000), and his st...

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I Paid My Son To Stand Up To His Bully

He was in fourth grade. I saw it every day. The second he slowly walked out of his school. His head hung down. He carried the weight and sadness of being a victim of an elementary school bully. “Retarded. Weird. Stupid. Idiot. Loser.” All of the words that hurt. Sometimes it got physical. The school counselor was aware. The principal was aware. The behavior continued. I am a mom. I did what moms do. I took that little boy in my arms and I told him exactly what would happen if he finally stood up for himself. I explained that the adults at his school weren’t protecting him. I get it. I come from a family of educators. They can’t deal with every issue. I have no doubt they had bigger problems than my son’s bully. But we were going to end this together. I told that blonde-haired little boy that I had five dollars just for him. The moment the bully touched him, my son was to push him back. And if he did this, I would have his money ready. And I would be so proud…. More


Fast and Furious

No, this will not be a review of the movie “Fast and Furious.” More like a review of an app game that my 6-year-old daughter likes to play while we are driving to school. I know, you probably don’t have time for games right now as you have to be a grown-up, but bear with me; I promise there is a point to this…. More


Education question for 11 year old

L. R. asks from Boston

My husband and I have different views about what a "good education" is. Currently, we have three boys. The oldest is 11 and attends public school, but has complained since first grade that he is bored in school and is not interested in anything. Fortunately, he has do...

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