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Giving credit for donations

n. z. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter has a teacher's aide in her kinder class who will be leaving in in less than a month to do some volunteer work in Southeast Asia for a few months. The aide has never been to Southeast Asia and needs some supplies, etc. so the teacher and I thought it would b...


WHen did you become a light sleeper?

Q. 1. asks from Vancouver

Before kids, I used to be a deep sleeper despite (apparently) having sleep apnea all my life. Now I awake at the drop of a hat. I have to cocoon myself away from light and sound with an eye mask and white noise playing in earbuds. I also had to get my own bed because any...


Cat litter box question

M. G. asks from Portland

Morning all Have cat who does this dance with his litter - never seen anything like it. Goes everywhere - no matter how clean box is, it's his routine. Am going to try a cover and will switch up litter (just getting whatever is at Costco). Have any of you had ...


Our rental seems to be sinking?

R. L. asks from Auburn

We rent a mobile home on a hilly acreage. The ground directly adjacent is spongy - I mean within a foot. I have even found my car to be sinking if I park too close to the mobile. There have been noises through the Winter underneath, like straining cables. Now I see the s...


Moisturizer or Not for teen acne??

N. R. asks from Chicago

My teenager has mild to moderate acne. Top rated dermatologists had lengthy wait lists so friends recommended we go to our pediatrician. Peds office says they are well-versed dealing with this, as I'm sure they are. But, our doc (after recommending OTC Clearasil and Diff...


Where to go...Denver or Philly or ???

L. H. asks from Coleman

I am sending my husband and son on a fishing trip to Alaska and will have about 8 days to myself. I am excited to have an opportunity to travel (or I may stay local) while they're gone. I've not had this experience before and I've been considering places to go. Time...


Libraries Need Love, Too!

In this day and age of computers, electronic teaching toys, and educational DVDs, public libraries may seem too old-fashioned to be of use to parents of younger children. (Or even older children, as they no longer have to go to the library to do research.) I think that is far from the truth!… More


Am I doing this right? Disciplining Spirited Child

W. W. asks from Los Angeles

My 3 year old is very spirited. She's a happy and sweet little child most of the time but when she doesn't get something that she wants, she'll SCREAM and try to hit. I tell her to go to her room until she's ready to calm down and she will. She'll be in there for a fe...


Learning a new langauge - SWH Added

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

I find that in the morning when I am getting ready for work, I am spending about an hour or so in complete silence. Once in awhile, I will listen to the radio, but generally it is just me in a quiet house from the time I get up until I leave for work. It seems like "wa...


Feeling a little surprised?

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

We have 6 kids - all adults now. Our youngest daughter (middle child) is pregnant and due late summer. She has been married for a couple years and this is their first child. Coming from a large family, my kids have always known the value of a dollar and have been real...


Is “club” the same as a “strip club”?

J. R. asks from Edison

I have never had an issue with strip clubs or my significant other going. I have been to them. No biggie. I do however have an issue with my significant other telling me that they went to a club versus strip club, especially when they are aware about my lax attitude towa...


How to help my Mom after my father's death?

E. G. asks from Rahway

So my 88 year old father passed away in January after a 5 year general decline in health. He had been home bound for most of the last 3 years with now 82 year old Mom caring for him with some outside help. 20 years ago, they moved to a community an hour from all of us wh...


Super tacky- sprinkle shower?

W. M. asks from New York

I have been to more showers than I can count and I just received a sprinkle shower invitation for a same-sex baby and I don’t know why it just irritated me and I immediately thought it was completely tacky to continue toI keep asking for free things and peoples precio...


Go Ahead, Embarrass Your Kids and You Just Might Go Viral While Doing It!

by Wendy Gossett

It’s gone viral! People around the world have seen my simple video that portrays an embarrassing mom—me—dancing on the highway, in a blizzard! Because of a 20-car pile-up on Colorado’s I-25 outside of Denver, my two teenagers and I were stuck on the highway for almost five hours. My kids were livid, hungry, and desperately in need of a comfort station…. More