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My 8 Year Old Daughter won't poop at school?

O. W. asks from Raleigh

My daughter is a normal healthy girl with no other health problems but seems to come home with stomach pains, after talking with her she tells me she doesn't feel like she can poop in the school bathrooms, She worries she will be made fun of by the other girls, any advi...


How do I get my 13 year old son to cooperate with braces?

D. M. asks from La Mesa

My son is 13, is on the autism spectrum and had braces put on about six months ago. He has a really bad cross bite and crowding to the point where Invisalign isn't an option, and his teeth are just too horrible to leave alone. The day we had the braces put on, he had ...


How did you address your son'

R. F. asks from Buena Park

How did you approach the sensitive subject with your son and am I doing the right thing? My son Jack and I have been on our own for a couple of years now and all things considered, we are doing pretty good. When we lost my husband, his father, my biggest concern was ...


What do I do when my daughter gets an online boyfriend?

H. W. asks from California City

My daughter, Kayleigh, has recently informed me that she's got a boyfriend. Now, I'm perfectly fine with that- she's fifteen, so as long as they aren't doing the hanky panky I think it's normal. However, she says he's an "online boyfriend". At first I thought it was like...


not really a question but a follow up

k. h. asks from Townsend

alot of you know that im having touble financially and a problem with my daughter to. alot of you suggested counsling and i am happ to inform you that we have found a free counsleing service. we get the first 10 sessions free and then we have to start paying. if it goes ...


Child keeps locking himself in room

J. W. asks from Columbia

So my sister's 3 year old keeps locking himself in the bedroom and even bathroom and refuse to come out. She of course unlocks it with a screwdriver or coin but like she is having to do this a few times a day. Her son is autistic if that matters but she wanted me to ask...


How Do Galactagogues Work?

by Brooke Nally

Things are always better in color, right? Colorful photos, colorful fashion, colorful makeup palettes, and for today’s extra special treat—colorful galactagogues, or more specifically, the rainbow of galactagogues…. More


Coach By Example...Your Kids Are Listening

by Kristy Pepping of Upparent

On your mark, beep! I dive into the icy cold pool, goggles on, with a range of emotions. Can I do this? It’s been years since I donned a race suit and swam in competition mode. What is everyone thinking about me? Will I make my family proud or disappointed? But I’m doing this for my daughter, despite my fear and reservations…. More


Make Sure to Enjoy Your Travels with These Tips

by Sienna Penfold

Traveling is one of the best things you can do in life. It gives you the time to relax, get out of your comfort zone, and meet amazing people. Whenever you have the chance to hit the road, make sure to use the opportunity. But traveling without a plan and directions can be stressful. Luckily, the internet is here to help with some excellent advice on smooth and relaxing trips…. More