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New to Mamapedia! Anyone want to tell me about this site and themselves?

C. M. asks from Virgilina

Never thought I'd join a parenting website but here I am! My name is Caroline and I am not from the location listed on my page, but I am from the East Coast! I have four kids and a goofy husband! I am quite a writer in my spare time when I am not running after my cla...


Teen boy haircuts...ugh! Any other haters...

R. .. asks from San Antonio

Am I the only one who hates dragging my son for a haircut? He is 14 and had hair down to his shoulders. He loves it long and covering his neck (some weird middle school "game" involving neck flicking)...but it is very think and heavy. He finally asked to go get a...


Dating and having kids...

Q. L. asks from West Covina

Curious question after a discussion I had with a girlfriend today- How long did you wait to introduce your boyfriend to your kid(s)?


Feeling fed up with a friend...advice?

E. S. asks from Beverly Hills

Hi, all! I have a question for you all. I am incredibly fed up with a friend of mine. Let's call her D. We are both in our early 20's. I have been friends with D since high school. We became close in the past 3-3.5 years. We've had our problems like any friends have t...


Daughter and tampon troubles...advice?

L. K. asks from Franklin Lakes

Hi, all! I posted here yesterday about how my daughter started her period on Monday. It's going well so far, but I have a concern. My girl Claire is joining the track after school club come the beginning of March. She also is big on swimming at the local Y. She came t...


How do I get my daughter to wear wrist gaurds while rollerblading?

J. P. asks from Hawaiian Gardens

How do I get my 13 year old daughter to wear her wrist guards while rollerblading? I require my daughter to wear wrist guards while rollerblading since I broke my wrist rollerblading last fall. That’s all I require her to wear since she’s been rollerblading for years...


Dentist really pushing orthodontist appt

M. B. asks from New York

My ten year old goes to a dentist that we really liked. The last two visits, however, they're really pushing us to make an appointment with an orthodontist. I've had braces as a kid, and they were fine, I guess, but I don't want them for my child. Her teeth are healthy a...


By Letting Him Fail, He Truly Succeeded

by Pri Walker

I let my kid fail.

I’m a horrible parent right? Because who doesn’t want their child to succeed?

This started when my son decided he didn’t want to practice for his new belt test for karate. And with that laziness, had the attitude to match it. It was a rough start to what I hoping to successful school year. I was already defeated…. More


Our Children Are Not Us

When I started as an undergraduate, I was determined to tackle the field of medicine. After realizing there was little space in my heart for biology, I decided to change my major. Being my bold self, I did not tell my mother until the deed was done. Eventually we got around to having the conversation, and after a bit of reluctance, she grew to accept my choice to go into a field that offered much less money. (Much less.) That was not the story for some classmates. During an activity, a classmate disclosed that he only majored in biology because his father told him he had to. His father was a doctor and wanted him to become one too. Considering my classmate’s love for art, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had heard. How could anyone force a child to choose between a passion and a namesake?… More


Happy New Year, here’s the resolution you never wanted.

by OC Real Mom

The year started off just fine, super fun actually, but then my body decided to give me a resolution I never wanted, another dietary challenge.

If you know anything about me, you know I eat gluten and dairy free. If you are new to my world, I’ve been gluten-free for almost seven years, and dairy free for about one…. More


Does weaning affect mood?

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

Has anyone noticed changes in mood (either positive or negative) after weaning? I'm nursing my 15-month-old before bed and in the morning and I'm thinking about weaning, just wondering what to expect.


Any advice on dealing with the silent treatment from your partner?

L. M. asks from Ypsilanti

Good morning! Has anyone had their spouse of sig other give you the silent treatment after a fight, big or small, and how did you snap them out of it or change the way they handle things? My boyfriend who is 35, goes right into his "cave" anytime he is upset or overw...


Husband done having kids

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

Hello, I have two kids, ages 15 months and 7 years. I’m 42 and my husband is 49. For some crazy reason, despite our ages I really want a third baby (we have frozen embryos that are genetically tested). My husband is DONE. I’m hoping to hear from people who struggle...


Lack of sexual desire after kids

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

Did anyone experience a lack of sexual attraction to their spouse/partner after having kids? How did you get it back, if you were able to? I have two kids, ages 1 and7, and my attraction to my husband isn’t there like it used to be.


Question about eye color--please don't judge!

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

I have dark brown eyes and my husband has blue eyes. Both of our boys ended up with blue eyes and people comment on this constantly, saying that since brown is dominant they should have brown eyes. I get weirdly sad that at least one of my kids didn't end up with my eye ...


Should I try to get rid of warts on my feet?

K. N. asks from Ann Arbor

My son had warts on his feet but we got rid of them. I caught them and now I have warts on my feet. I only have three warts (one on my heel and two on the balls on my feet) and they don't bother me.they're just embarrassing if I wear flip flops and people see the bottom ...


What to do about plantar warts on son's feet?

K. N. asks from Ann Arbor

About 6 months ago I noticed my 7 year old son had a few somethings on his the bottom of his feet while he was getting into bed. I probably wouldn't have taken much notice but I remembered having plantar warts when I was a little girl for over 3 years. They were annoying...