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tween & puberty & snarkiness

J. g. asks from Chicago

Hello Ladies, my baby is 10, has breast buds and small hips, and she has officially entered the age of the snark. We're doing our best to remain calm and ignore drama, but the last two days have been rough. She lost it at Walgreens and started yelling at me. Then today...

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Teaching Moments Making Lemonade

I am constantly hearing “I don’t like that” at mealtimes, and the phrase is usually thrown towards something that has never been tried before. I’ve talked myself in circles trying to explain to my young children that you cannot really know if you like something unless you try it, and it might taste different cooked in different ways…. More


Block numbers on a teen's cell phone

P. L. asks from Fairfax Station

So i am tech challenged.. I just figured out how to block a number on our DD cell. BUT is there still a do not call list or anyway to report SPAM texts? We just switched to Sprint and she has an old MotoE4. Can I call Sprint directly and have numbers blocked and report ...

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Once an early riser always an early riser?

D. Z. asks from Woodbridge

Hi Ladies, My youngest daughter is 18 months old. We have done our best to create a consistent bedtime routine and cozy atmosphere in her room for sleep including blackout curtains, white noise and temperature control. She goes to sleep well after some book reading an...

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How to handle hubby

T. D. asks from New York

We all know that my son's teacher has been less than adequate this year. Well my husband found out that today during a behavior rewards party she allowed each student to get a can and a small bottle of pop. Hubby is irate. He wants me to go tell her off about it! He's al...

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Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

Ok, so as you know, my life is a bit untidy lately with raising special needs kids, hubby recently diagnosed with cancer, and to top it all off, I desperately hate my job. For some God only knows reason, I applied for a senior court job in the next county over like two ...

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Adult braces - would you?

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

With the recent spate of odd dental questions, I figured I'd add one of my own. One that folks can actually answer without having a degree in dentistry :) Our dental insurance offers orthodontia, but for the last 20 years, only covered kids 18 and younger. This year...

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