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Weird virus going around?

I. S. asks from Puyallup

Both my husband and I were sick about a week ago, started with headache then cough and sinus stuff. My daughter started to get a headache Tuesday night. Mild fever wed and Thursday with bad headache. No fever today but still has a headache that came back this afternoon. ...


Incontinence Ideas for teenage girls

D. S. asks from Arvada

Hi Moms, My daughter is 16 years old, and she was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and because of this, she has become incontinent. Her doctor recommended incontinence panties (daughter looked at them, and said i'm not wearing that! It looks like a diaper and it is so ...


Anyone have a husband who says you talk to him like you're his mother?

T. P. asks from Amherst

My husband tells me that I constantly talk to him like I'm his mother and says I complain all the time. When I was full time mom I kept the house clean and dinner was always ready when he walked in. All that good stuff but now that I'm working full time during the evenin...


Is arguing even more after a baby is born.

J. S. asks from Simi Valley

Hi there mom's. So I'm at my in laws house getting ready for our daughter's 1 year old birthday party and when putting up the decorations, my husband says I'm ordering him around. Granted I didn't take a nap before coming over. I'm currently in the guest bedroom writing ...


How Do Galactagogues Work?

by Brooke Nally

Things are always better in color, right? Colorful photos, colorful fashion, colorful makeup palettes, and for today’s extra special treat—colorful galactagogues, or more specifically, the rainbow of galactagogues…. More


Coach By Example...Your Kids Are Listening

by Kristy Pepping of Upparent

On your mark, beep! I dive into the icy cold pool, goggles on, with a range of emotions. Can I do this? It’s been years since I donned a race suit and swam in competition mode. What is everyone thinking about me? Will I make my family proud or disappointed? But I’m doing this for my daughter, despite my fear and reservations…. More


Make Sure to Enjoy Your Travels with These Tips

by Sienna Penfold

Traveling is one of the best things you can do in life. It gives you the time to relax, get out of your comfort zone, and meet amazing people. Whenever you have the chance to hit the road, make sure to use the opportunity. But traveling without a plan and directions can be stressful. Luckily, the internet is here to help with some excellent advice on smooth and relaxing trips…. More