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12 year old hiding things when in trouble

M. S. asks from Salt Lake City

My 12 year old son sometimes hides things of ours when he is in trouble with us. He has been doing this offand on for years. Worry that this will escalate to bigger things.


Childs friend or not during a cruise Vacation.

M. S. asks from Salt Lake City

We want to take a cruise next year and I want my 12 year old son to bring a friend. He is an only child and thought he might not want to do the individual kids activities by himself. However, he doesn't seem that interested in bringing a friend. What about friends that a...


Husband choosing friends (and weed) over family?

A. M. asks from Duluth

My husband and I just had our first child together. She is 7 weeks old. He has a 11yr old already that He isn't heavily involved with (we see her about 3-4 times a year for about a week each time). Ever since we brought our daughter home, he has been non existent. He doe...


Minecraft- late to the party

f. b. asks from Kew Gardens

My kid has asked for this app. I’m okay with his using it. Which one do I download? Are there safety features to consider? He is now 8. Thanks Fanged bunny


Can my ex take my son out of the country with an expired passport?

C. M. asks from Little Ferry

My ex has our son's expired passport. My son has been mentioning that his dad will take him to Canada. I read that a minor can enter Canada with an expired passport. If they do go to Canada does anyone know if they can go to any other country from Canada?


Go Ahead, Embarrass Your Kids and You Just Might Go Viral While Doing It!

by Wendy Gossett

It’s gone viral! People around the world have seen my simple video that portrays an embarrassing mom—me—dancing on the highway, in a blizzard! Because of a 20-car pile-up on Colorado’s I-25 outside of Denver, my two teenagers and I were stuck on the highway for almost five hours. My kids were livid, hungry, and desperately in need of a comfort station…. More