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Out of my league, NYC cocktail party

K. H. asks from Lindenhurst

Help! Oh please help, I just received an invite to a cocktail party in the *big* city, celebrating the life & passing of this man that I've never met. He is a bit well known in his area and this party is to be the last in his apartment after 67 years! I'm so out of my ...

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Words From An Aging Optimist

I am one of the most optimistic people you will ever meet. Unless of course we never actually meet. In that case you will just have to take my word for it. Some people find blind optimism annoying, but I like to think of myself as a ray of sunshine, on an otherwise lackluster day. So just go with it…. More


If Only I Were Better at This

If only I were better at this, I wouldn’t be outside in sweatpants and high heels cleaning puke off my front porch with a snow shovel.

If only I were better at this, I would actually get up in the morning when the alarm goes off and not make love to the snooze button until it’s much too late for me to do anything except run around like a crazed banshee screeching orders and reminders and throwing hair brushes and socks and homework folders at my children…. More


10 month old not gaining weigh

N. T. asks from San Bernardino

My 10 months old only weight 14 lbs 6oz. We have a weight check with his doctor again next week and I'm thinking he will probably move forward with some testing. Anyone else have a baby this little? He was 7lbs 4Oz at birth and gained at a good speed for several months...

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Genital herpes and water breaking

M. A. asks from Ontario

I have had genital herpes for 5 years now I been under alot of stress and finally got my outbreak im 39 weeks 4 days and my blisters have dried up been taking acyclovir since my outbreak along with boosting my immune system and using other remedies found online that helpe...

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Genital warts on my 6 year old????

M. B. asks from Perris

Hello friends, so I've really been contemplating whether I should post this or not because it's a very sensitive topic but I really need help with figuring this out. About a month ago my 6yr old told me that her bottom hurt, I figured since we were at the beach all day t...

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