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Crockpot Recipes

B.T. asks from Boston

Hi everyone, Now that fall is just about here I feel like cooking in my crockpot but really don't know of any good recipes for dinner. So I'm wondering if anyone has...


Vegetarian Recipes

T.C. asks from Corpus Christi

Hi everyone I have always eaten a very small amount of any meat..I recently stopped eating meat altogether..I was just wondering if anyone had any good vegetarian reci...


Chicken Fettucinie Receipe

D.A. asks from New Orleans

hello ladies, iam looking for a receipe for chicken fettucine thank you D.


Any Cajun Recipes???

S.R. asks from Dallas

Hello moms I love to cook and try new things, so I'm interested in trying my hand at Cajun Foods. Do any of you have any recipes you'd like to give out, especially int...


Anything but Chicken Nugggets????

J.I. asks from Fort Myers

I have a 19month old boy, that eats only chicken nuggets. I have tried EVERYTHING!!!! Any suggestions???


Seeking Recipes

J.K. asks from Chicago

I'm co-hosting the monthly birthday party at work this month. I need recipes that are cheap, easy to make, and everybody loves them - also, healthy is good. I think ...


Kid Friendly Chicken Recipe????

B.P. asks from Abilene

Does anyone have a kid friendly chicken recipe??? I’m in such a food rut and bought lots of boneless skinless chicken last weekend because it was on sale. Any ...


Making Chicken Nuggets from Scratch

T.W. asks from Syracuse

I would like to try and make chicken nuggets for my two boys. While I have made some excellent "chicken nuggets" using chicken tenders and breadcrumbs/seasoning, the ...


Vegetarian Recipes

E.B. asks from Chicago

We as a family are making some changes to our diet to improve our health and one of our biggest changes is that we are trying to eat more vegetarian meals. Can anyone ...


Moist Chicken Breasts

S.B. asks from Denver

Do any of you fabulous moms have tips on how to not dry out your chicken whether it is baked or bbq'd or any way it is prepared, mine always seems dry. Tips don't h...

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