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Stay at Home Moms Whose Kids Are in School

D.P. asks from Sacramento

To all the moms out there who are not working and kids are in school all day, how do you plan your day, what do you do while the kids are gone and how do you motivate ...


Looking for School Desks for Home

J.T. asks from Dallas

Looking for school desks for homeschooling. Don't have a huge budget. Need 3 desks if possible but any # would help.


I Want to Home School, but I Don't Know Where to Start

T.C. asks from Provo

I want to try to home school my 2nd grader this year. Academically he does great in school but socially not so great. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed when I think a...


Thinking of Home Schooling High School

A.S. asks from Atlanta

I have a son in the 11th grade, who seems to make bad decisions A LOT. He is so smart and now is with a group of friends who are not the best. He doesn't hang out with...


Getting Paid by Charter School to Home School?

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

I was talking with a home school mom today and I had never heard of this. She gets paid $1,600 a month for her child's educational needs (i think in the form of reim...


Daughter Eating Breakfast at School and at Home

D.W. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Mamas, My daughter eats breakfast at home every day, and sometimes doesn't even finish all her food before she says she's full. When we check her meal account at ...


Would You Let Your Child Walk Home from School?

T.S. asks from Dallas

My son will be 10 and in 4th grade. His dad's apt is just not quite a 1/2 mile from his school. Would you let him walk home and be by himself for a few hours. I ...


Looking for Someone to Home School My Child

B.C. asks from Dallas

hi,moms im looking for a teacher are a tutor to home school my daughter she is 13 we live in arlington she hates public schools some info would be great thankyou


Home School Books for a 4yr.old?

S.R. asks from Atlanta

My girlfriend's has here 4 year old grand daughter for the summer or forever? We wanted to know about home school. I told her I would ask the ladies on mamapedia for h...


Do You a License to Home School Your Child?

H.T. asks from Chicago

I need to find out if you need a License to teach your child at home or not? I have heard from a friend that u do but others tell me you don't. Please help ASAP!

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