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Going Back to College

Our children are 16 & 13 (plus 2 high school exchange students & one in excange student in college) but it is still difficult. I really miss my time with ...

Motor Dyspraxia

I had a college students with dyspraxia in my college-level ballroom dance class , and it was wonderful to see how everyone in the class was happy to be her ...

Looking for Suggestions on Returning to College

Read all 88 questions with answers, advice and tips about College & College Applications from moms' ... jobs for college students · psychology colleges ...

I Need to Find Help to Pay off My College Loans

If you have federal student loans, contact them and let them know your situation and they will likely defer ... Help in Paying for College for My Daughter. ...

Sending Child off to College

this gave the college student & their siblings a real chance to bond around the college experience without mom & dad around...i actually stayed in the motel ...

Financial Aid Applications

The student may be embarrased in front of you and is saying what he thinks you want to hear. Maybe the parents can't afford to send the child to college and ...

Exchange Student Gift

My sister and her family have an exchange student from Korea living with them this year. .... student college · college student · the gift · gift wedding ...

Son Skipping a Grade

Oct 17, 2009 ... He's been taking college classes these past 2 summers and didn't have any problems with the college students, so he was ready to skip in ...

Daughter Going off to College

Aug 3, 2009 ... Money...always a positive on a college student's budget. If she has siblings or friends at home that want to add stuff that can be nice. ...

Help for College Age Daughter

For a high school student and younger --- yes --- but not for a college student. I think it's fair to ask her to show common courtesy. ...
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  • fill out the forms in 5 answers "... a meeting at the counselor's office with the parents to fill out the forms."
  • apply for financial aid in 2 answers "... you, I have done all I could to encourage my daughter to apply for financial aid ..."
  • when i went away to college in 2 answers "I haven't actually gone thru this, but when I went away to college, my mom and I had ..."
  • classes each semester in 2 answers "I take 2 classes each semester, & it's hard but we pull together as a team."
  • didnt skip a grade in 2 answers "Hi there. My son didn't skip a grade but he did start earlier than most of the kids ..."