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One More Dsi Question.....

A.W. asks from Kalamazoo

How do you charge them? I'm getting the kids the DSi XL for Christmas and want to start looking out for deals on them, maybe a case and 1 or 2 games. I was looking a...


Good Cheap MP3 Player

K.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms- Can anyone suggest where I can find a cheap but reliable MP3 player? I need one that doesn't recharge in only a computer. I bought one a month ago and now...


What Do You Really NEED in the Hospital Bag for Birth for Mama and Baby?

A.E. asks from Des Moines

I was going to start to think about packing the bag, last time I only remember using my robe, my slippers and undies, toothbrush and toothpaste. Also what are some ...


Vacation Packing List

Y.F. asks from Orlando

Hi ladies: I will be going on vacation soon with my husband, 8 year old son and my 3 year old daughter. We live in Orlando and will be spending our summer vacation...


WOW!JFF: How Many Homes Still Have Home Phones or "Landlines"?

S.S. asks from San Francisco

We have one in the case of an emergency if we aren't home and someone is caring for our son but I am curious how many homes still have them. Have a great day everyone!


Fun Gift Idea for Hubby

M.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello Moms, I've gotten a lot of what my husband had on his Christmas list, but I'd like to find something small that he would like but didn't ask for. He is a gu...


What to Pack in My Bag for Hospital Stay (C-section)?

J.F. asks from Minneapolis

This isn't my first child, but I never got a chance to pack for the first one and now I feel so frazzled that I can't think straight. I am having a c-section (schedul...


What to Pack for the Hospital

J.R. asks from St. Louis

I was wondering what exactly should you pack when you go to the hospital. Last time I packed all kinds of things lol from my clothes the baby's outfits to books, noteb...


Packing the Hospital Bag: When and What?

E.B. asks from Miami

What should you pack in your hospital bag when you deliver? I will be c-section so i'll be there for 3 nights. And how soon? Both my boys were 3 and half weeks early. ...


Cats Chewing on Cords

K.P. asks from Cincinnati

Hi. We have two lovely 8 month old kittens that love to chew on cords. Any suggestions on what to do to prevent them from doing this or ways to deter them from the c...

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  • cell phone charger in 3 answers "... size shampoo, conditioner and body wash, my pillow, camera, cell phone charger ..."
  • cell phones are handy in 2 answers "I think cell phone's are handy, but blown way out of proportion."
  • dont own a cell phone in 2 answers "I don't own a cell phone :) OLD SCHOOL!"
  • nursing tank tops in 2 answers "... all commented on my huge suitcase). All I really needed was my nursing tank tops ..."
  • cell phone reception in 2 answers "Plus, we don't get cell phone reception at all where we live."