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Keeping up with the Jones's

H.S. asks from Cincinnati

Does anyone else experience the pressure from other women who live out of their means just to keep up with the friends and neighbors around them,....? I've got an aver...


Emergency or Not?

S.W. asks from Philadelphia

agghh! MYyhusband just shut my daughter's (22 months old) fingers in the car window. Apparently he checked to see if her hand was in the window, removed it and then tu...


I Want to Take My 1 Year Old Out for Walks in the Morning

R.B. asks from New York

Since the time change, by the time I get home it is dark out. My son & I used to really enjoy taking walks around the block (him in his stroller) all the time. Now it'...


Discipline Teenage Son

J.L. asks from Houston

My 14 yro son will not follow rules or stay grounded, he keeps leaving to stay at friends house. His grades have been slipping and constantly wants to spend time with ...


Girl Scouts and Doll Question

M.M. asks from Rochester

I actually have two questions . . . please respond to one or both of the questions if you have any feedback. Thanks! First, I am considering being a Girl Scout lea...


My 3 Years Old Daughter Totally Refuses to Obbey Me

R.V. asks from Philadelphia

HI, I am kind of desperate at this time. My daughter that will be 3 years old by August 23th and is driving me crazy. Her favorite word to say is NO! in a very demandi...


Bridesmaid Question

C.V. asks from Los Angeles

I was in a good friend's wedding just this past weekend and was a little dissapointed with her gifts she gave to us bridesmaids. Before anyone thinks I'm sounding ungr...


And Now We Have to Buy It.

M.F. asks from Phoenix

I'm toasting a blueberry bagel that I had to buy when my almost 2 year old son bit through the plastic and into a bagel at a local restaurant. I looked away for 10 se...


Not in Siblings Wedding

S.R. asks from Milwaukee

Would you feel hurt if you weren't asked to be in a siblings wedding(the first time and second time) but your husband was? We were close as children and I couldn't bel...


Dealing with Disappointment When "Santa" Doesn't Produce on Christmas Morning

S.A. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas, so Christmas is around the corner and "Santa" is getting worried. My daughter is asking for/expecting some pretty pricey gifts this year. There is no way w...

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