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Seeking Mom's in Newnan, GA Area That Can Walk Me Through At-home-schooling

C.M. asks from Atlanta

I am an At-Home-Mom that is moving to Newnan, GA and I need someone familiar with at-home-schooling to steer me in the right direction in how to do this. My family is...


When Can a Child Decide?

T.L. asks from St. Louis

Is there a certain age limit by law when a child can decide if she wants to go to school with mom or dad? I know every state is different and that it depends on the m...


Relocating to Concord, NC

J.M. asks from Charlotte

Hey everyone..... I currently live in PA. My finance and I were thinking about relocating to North Carolina. He works for the Vanguard Group in Charlotte and can get t...


Moving from AZ to MA

A.R. asks from Springfield

We are considering a move from AZ to Northfield, MA. My husband would be transferred by his company but I would need to look for a job, child care, a house, school fo...



S.H. asks from Boston

My daughater-in-law just had a conference with my grandson's teacher. She spoke of his not being able to focus well and that she had to repeat herself several times b...


Day Care Teacher Benefits

R.S. asks from Great Falls

We've recently run into a situation at my sons' day care dealing with the teachers at his school and the loss of a very significant benefit. I'm not certain how it cam...


Moving to MA

A.B. asks from Boston

Hi, We're moving to MA in January, office will be located in Marlborough. Can anyone recommend some family friendly neighborhoods in the metro west area? Or areas t...


Has Anyone Had Anything to Do with Putting a Neighborhood Playground In?

... asks from Detroit

My neighborhood NEEDS a playground!! The neighborhood behind us has a pool and ours is boring! I think it would be great to be able to walk to a park in our neighbo...


JFF-- Miss Cosmoplitan, a Suburbanite, a Country Girl, or Small Town Girl?

T.L. asks from Detroit

My friend has been staying for two weeks in a small town down South. LOL: she's going bonkers:) She's from the suburbs up here in the Midwest. Generally, my frien...


9 y.o. Boy with Speech/language Impairement,oral Language Skills at Age 7,

L.P. asks from Boston

Hi, are there other moms with kids that need a lot of processing time in order to fully understand what is being said to them. My son is 9, ending 2nd grade. He has a ...

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