blood clots after giving birth

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How Much Milk Should I Be Producing?

... baby was 1 week old, I had a blood clot and bleed in my brain after a seizure. ..... My milk also didn't come in until about 5 days after giving birth . ...

Multiple Miscarriages

I did keep on tryin after my fourth miscarriage (I was 34 at that time) and was able to have ... Since you had a blood clot, I am wondering if you have a borderline blood ... I too had 2 miscarriages before giving birth to my daughter . ...

Mirena/other Birth Control?

After the birth of my daughter I spoke to my OB about my BC options and he ... I would suggest giving it a try and if you have a bad reaction, ... I was told I could never take hormonal birth control due to a past history of blood clots ...

Successful Birth After 3 Miscarriages

Being a "mom" has nothing to do with giving birth. An insect can do that! ... I had to give myself shots to keep my blood from clotting. ...

Experience with IUD

The doctor said it was because the blood clots had dislodged it. ... I had the Mirena IUD placed after the birth of my second child and I am glad that I did ...


What can I expect after the C-section? My threshold for pain and discomfort is pretty low,but ...... Wonder Woman · 32 weks · blood clots after giving birth ...


I have had the Mirena for 10 months now after the birth of my son 15 .... the pill I had REALLY bad cramps heavy blood flow big blood clots and mood swings ...

Subchorionic Hemmorage/Bleed

I was diagnosed with this last week Wednesday after having an ultrasound..." ... On Wednesday morning, I passed a very large clot of blood. ... why then 24 hours later was I in labor and giving birth to my baby (at 17 weeks 4 days). ...

Natural Birthing Experience at Baylor Hospital-Dallas

Apr 22, 2009 ... Sure enough, I lost my twins at 20 weeks, after some major bleeding episodes at 16 weeks (I mean, a MAJOR blood rush and a blood clot the size of a mango) that my ... (Remember , giving birth is not a medical emergency. ...

How long should a D & C recovery take?

Read all 10 responses: "I'm still bleeding more than a week after my d ... So I walked around a park again, and around 2pm I was flooded with blood--very scary. ... If you're soaking more than one pad per hour or are passing clots, ... I found that the rest needed after a D & C is the same as giving a live birth. ...
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