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Expectations from CPA Financial Advisors and Tax Accountants

S.H. asks from Santa Barbara

Are there any companies that handle investments and taxes? I would really like a person who does our taxes to be familiar with investments and visa versa. I was exp...


Any Accounting Majors Still Working in the Profession?

M.T. asks from Dallas

I'm currently back in school to get my Accounting degree. Wondering if it's worth the money to also get my Masters to be a CPA as well. I notice most Cost Accountants ...


Looking for CPA

C.R. asks from Miami

Hello moms, my husband and I are currently looking for a well recommended CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in the pompano Beach, Boca, DeerField, North Lauderdale, Co...


Looking for a Qualified Tax Person

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend an accountant for doing our taxes this year? We've been doing it online the past few years to save money, but it's turning a...


Can Anyone Help Me?!

K.D. asks from Atlanta

I'm looking for some at-home employment...yeah, I know about all the avon, pampered chef, etc, but I'm just not a "seller". I'm looking to do something more along the...


Lesson Learned. :)

I.:. asks from Minneapolis

I don't usually delete q's, but they handled the situation very nicely, so... Thanks for your advice :)


Husband's Midlife Crisis

S.S. asks from Raleigh

My husband of 17 plus years will be turning 45 soon and seems plagued by a serious case of the midlife blues. He hates his job, his life, feels like he has done everyt...


Turbo Tax... Good or Bad?

M.L. asks from San Francisco

I was thinking about doing my taxes on turbo tax this year and was doing some research on it. There were a lot of people saying it was a bad site and after they filed ...


Need New Car Pros and Cons Lease or Purchase

L.A. asks from Austin

It is time to get a new car. We have no debt, but we do have a child in College. We are considering leasing a car. It would be $2000 - 3000 down and $149. per month ...


"I'm Sick"

S.D. asks from Boston

My daughter is in the 1st grade. Every so often I get the "I'm sick" card. I take her temp, it's normal, so off to school. Then I get a phone call from the school n...

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  • boy who cried wolf in 2 answers "Pretending to be sick is not a good idea (i.e. the boy who cried wolf). I think your ..."
  • financial planner and tax in 3 answers "I have separate financial planner and tax accountant."
  • think you did the right thing in 11 answers "I think you did the right thing. She needs to learn that being sick is not fun and ..."
  • learned a valuable lesson in 2 answers "I think you did the right thing and probably she learned a valuable lesson."
  • using turbo tax in 2 answers "I never had any oogie boogie experience with the IRS using Turbo Tax."