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Need a Name for a Crazy Food If Anyone Knows...

L._. asks from San Diego

I was in the produce department yesterday and picked up these wagon wheel looking pasta like things. But something told me they looked different. So I asked a guy wh...


Feedback Requested for Teen Job Idea

A.P. asks from Seattle

My 13-yr-old daughter is looking for a way to make some money for her class trip to Rome next year. She is a talented drama kid (many lessons and performances), singer...


Prices for Yard Work...

L.M. asks from Houston

We have used a lawn maintenance service a few times before. Usually my husband does the yard, but recently his edger broke and he hasn't had time to get it fixed, so l...


Thryoid Problem in 12 Year Old

K.W. asks from Tulsa

My 12 year old daughter has been complaining about, well, burning nipples. (She still thinks boys are gross and I'm POSITIVE she isn't sexually active, that's not eve...


Opinion on Themed Bedroom for a Boy, and Sharing Rooms in General

C.D. asks from Detroit

We are expecting a baby girl in August and are thinking of changing our two sons' current sleeping arrangements to accommodate the new baby. Our sons, ages 19mos and ...


Do You Hide the Fact You Poop?

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

Do you hide the fact you poop??? I have this ailment where I refuse to admit I poop or fart. I am not disgusted by the act and can laugh about it as well. My 5 ye...


Daycare Concerns- What Should I Expect?

A.S. asks from Dallas

Thanks for all the responses! My husband, daughter, and I met with the daycare director and lead teacher in her room (the lead teacher is wonderful, it was the assist...


Scared My Neighbor Might Ask Me Out!!

T.R. asks from Orlando

Ok, so I've had this feeling for a while that my neighbor (single male, I'm single too) was giving me the 'eye'. We both live upstairs, and he sometimes is sitting out...


Small Business Owners

K.M. asks from Washington DC

Hello. This question is for people who have or had their own small business with a store front. I am trying to open my business in my area and am having trouble with ...


18 Yr. Old Living at Home, Still in Highschool - Need URGENT HELP!

T.F. asks from Orlando

Our 18 yr. old is just starting 12th grade. He is internationally adopted and has serious language difficulties, thus he is behind in school. We have several issues ...

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  • burning nipples sounds in 2 answers "Burning nipples sounds like it could be yeast on the nipples."
  • im not interested in dating right in 2 answers "I keep telling her I'm not interested in dating right now."
  • dont date smokers in 2 answers "Just say "Ahh, I don't date smokers...but thanks"."
  • take away his phone in 2 answers "... sold her car so she would take the bus till she shaped up)..take away his phone!"
  • got his own room in 2 answers "My sister & I always had to share a room while my brother got his own room and I never ..."