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Quick Meals for Practice Night?

J.G. asks from Chicago

My kids have practice or a class of some sort three late afternoons a week. I'm trying to make a list of "on the table in 10-15" minute meals. We currently already d...


How to Teach Toddler to Eat by Himself

B.W. asks from Boston

My son is 17 months old, shows interest in eating by himself but because mealtime is always a mess, i always spoon-feed him yogurt, soup, noodles, etc., while only let...


Need Lunch Ideas!

W.R. asks from Norfolk

Help! I try to make healthy food for my family, but recently it seems that I have no lunch ideas and end up making frozen pizza, canned soup, etc. Does anyone have i...


Super Picky 11 Month Old

S.R. asks from Minneapolis

Any creative ideas on how and what to feed a little boy who will NOT eat unless seriously distracted by toys, and when given new foods gags and coughs most dramaticall...


Home Remedy for 15-Month-old Coughing (Phlegm)

C.M. asks from New York

Hi Moms, My 15-month-old baby has been miserable for the past two days because she has phlegm and can't spit it out! I've been giving her children's tylenol but it...


Growth Spurt, Eating at Night

N.S. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms, I'm trying to teach my daughter good eating habits. She's been eating better at dinner, but will say she's full. We leave her plate out so if she says, ...


Party Ideas

L.B. asks from Philadelphia

I am hosting a cocktail party for my husband's 30th birthday next week, I have ideas such as cocktail franks, buffalo chicken bites, cocktail meatballs and some dips. ...


Single Pot Recipes?

L.J. asks from Boca Raton

Does anyone have any great "single pot" recipes. I cook ...a lot. Unfortunately this leads to a seriously messy kitchen. I define single pot recipe as any recipe that ...


ANOTHER Crock Pot Question--whole Chicken (National Crock Pot Week Here? LOL)

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Ok, so I got a good deal on 2 whole chickens. I never buy chicken with the bones & skin (except when I make soup) as it just gives me the heebie jeebies to touch raw ...


Chicken Recipes

D.G. asks from Dallas

I know this has been asked before but I need a recipe using chicken. I have 2 boneless, skinless breasts and 8 legs. All are frozen. There are 4 of us - hubby and o...

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  • softened cream cheese in 2 answers "... Easy finger food: Take a piece of deli ham, spread with softened cream cheese ..."
  • southern comfort punch in 2 answers "Hot pepperoni dip. Southern comfort punch-taste like Ice tea with a kick."
  • cream of chicken soup in 2 answers "... the chicken and the rest in the crock pot with two cans of cream of chicken soup ..."
  • cream of chicken soup in 2 answers "... glass dish and p put brocoli on top mix a can or two of cream of chicken soup ..."
  • shredded lettuce in 3 answers "... salami, sliced cheese, turkey etc) -wraps (turkey, cheese, shredded lettuce ..."