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"Seeking at Home Job"

S.G. asks from Grand Rapids

I have been out of work since I was pregnant with my son. He is now almost 3yrs. old. My husband and I have been struggling to make ends meet lately but I don't want t...


Pregnant and Lost My Job....

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I am pregnant with baby # 2 and just recently lost my job. My husband cannot afford to pay for health insurance for me, his job doesn't even offer it for him so he do...


Why Do We Work to Live???

S.L. asks from St. Louis

Why do Americans seem to be one of the only places (at our countries financial/society level) that WORK TO LIVE?? In places like Austrialia and Europe, they all LIVE T...


Pregnant with New Job! Help!

N.K. asks from Oklahoma City

In one week, (in order) my family got a dog, I was offered a new job, and I found out I am pregnant! Whew! I start my job today and I dont know when and how to tell m...


Part Time Job

L.B. asks from Saginaw

Hello Everyone! I am a single mom of a 7 year old boy. I have a great job but I would like tofind a part time job that I can do from home at night. If you know of an...


SAHM Job Searching-how to Explain My 3Yr Gap in Work Experience?

T.U. asks from Minneapolis

Hi everyone! I have been a working professional for 10+ yrs since college. I've never had a problem finding work in the past. My combined skills, education, work ex...


Getting a Job While Pregnant

K.C. asks from Texarkana

Hello ladies I was wondering how many pregnant mothers have actually started a new job while pregnant. I currently have a job but was really wanting to apply for a ne...


What's Your Dream Job? JFF

T.K. asks from Dallas

Hard question. What would be your dream job? What components need to be there? I can't think of a dream job. I would need to get the warm fuzzies (like I'm making...


Mom Seeking Job

S.B. asks from Colorado Springs

I have not been to work in eight years I have four children and I have so desperatly have been in search of a job I have applied for 22 jobs online the newspaper and m...


Job Interview(s) and Offer

T.R. asks from Orlando

I was interviewing for 2 jobs and got offered from one of them, so I took it. Also letting go of the part time job I had. Well, the 2nd job calls back yesterday (after...