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Why Can't I Lose Weight???!!!???

M.P. asks from St. Louis

I have had issues with my weight for years. I have 3 kids and after the third, just can't seem to lose weight. I try everything! I have done Weight Watchers, HCG, A...


In a Weight-loss Rut. HELP ME!

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

My youngest DD is 15 months old (I'm still breastfeeding a few times a day and once during the night). I'm overweight and I just can't get motivated to do anything abo...


Weight Loss for Stubborn Teen

S.K. asks from Des Moines

Any help that any of you can give me would be greatly appreciated. My daughter is 15 years old and we are struggling with her weight. She is gaining leaps and bounds ...


Wanting to Lose 70 Lbs for My Son

B.D. asks from Augusta

I am a single mom looking to lose 70 lbs if not more. I am currently at 212 lbs and need to lose this weight not only for myself but for my son. Weight watchers, Jenny...


What Can I Do So My Daughter Grows up to Be Happy with the Number on Her Tag??

V.M. asks from Cleveland

how can i keep my young girl from starving herself to please others? sorry got intrupted, This is regarding the other post about being happy with your size. That...


Need to Change to Healthy Eating, but Unsure Where to Begin

K.P. asks from Springfield

Recently, my husband, age 33, was told that he has high cholesterol. He is not overweight, but he has a terrible diet that consists of potato chips, pizza, chicken nug...


Weight Loss and Working Out

J.B. asks from Houston

I was pretty slender when I got pregnant with my baby boy because about 5 years prior to getting preggers I did weight watchers and lost around 50 pounds. I was able ...


Are You on a Low-carb Diet? What Do You Eat?

S.A. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas, So, I am borderline Type 2 diabetic. I received this news after having gestational diabetes with my third pregnancy. I've been told that if I lose 25 lb...


Healthy, Easy, Tasty Food....

K.S. asks from Seattle

Well, it's time to actually get serious on eating healthy, as a family. I have been feeding my son better than the rest of us, but it's getting to the point where we ...


Has Anyone Tried Both?

★.O. asks from Tampa

I'm curious at the success rate and ease of use at both Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. I know WW has a breastfeeding Mom program, but that is all I know about them....