Warts & Moles

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How to Get Rid of Warts

R.P. asks from Philadelphia

My nine year old son has had a wart on the outside of his left hand for quite some time now. My husband and I have been putting Compund-W on it every night, but very l...


How to Be Tagless?

D.B. asks from La Crosse

As I sit here sipping my coffee I notice my skin tags again. How do you keep from getting skin tags? I had a bunch removed but they are coming back. Now there are tagl...


Basal Cell Carcinoma Help

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

First, let me say that I am so freaking sick of having moles removed and biopsied. I am in the highest risk category for skin cancer. Red hair, light eyes, fair sk...


Treatment for Molluscum Contagiosm Four Year Old

M.V. asks from Houston

My son's pediatrician has diagnosed him with molluscum contagiosm. She has refered him to a dermatologist to have a bubbling agent applied to each one, basically an ac...


New Moles on a 6 Year Old

R.L. asks from Chicago

Last year my son developed a dark brown mole the size of an eraser on his back. It was one of those that is raised above the skin slightly. The docotr at the time sa...


9 Year Old Bumps on Face for About a Month

J.M. asks from Boston

Dry skin? Acne! What to do? They are not red or painful. No signs of puberty. She could probably wash face more often!? Thoughts?


My Son Has a White Bump Under His Eye

K.M. asks from Jacksonville

Hi Moms! Does anyone know what would cause this? In July, my son (who is 3 1/2) cut his skin just under his eye and we had to go to the ER to have them use Dermabond ...


First Dermatologist Appointment

S.H. asks from Huntsville

I decided today I need to make an appointment with a dermatologist. I found one & will be calling them Monday morning to hopefully get an appointment. I have what ...


Best Treatment for Warts?

B.F. asks from Dallas

My son recently had a plantar wart removed (yes, the dorm showers are that bad:(). Now a wart has shown up on his finger. What is the best treatment, ladies?