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Seeking Testing for ADA for 5 Yr Old Girl in Arlington/Ft.Worth

K.M. asks from Dallas

HELP! I am positive my 5 yr old granddaughter has ADD but have been told the school will not test her until she is in 2nd grade. Her kindergarten teacher and the rea...


Kindergarten Student Not Recognizing Letters and Numbers.

R.B. asks from Nashville

My daughter is 5 years old and started kindergarten in August. She still does not recognize letters, numbers, or words. She is slightly far sighted and wears glasses...


Teacher Is Suggesting My 5 Yr Old Repeat Kindergarten

R.R. asks from Salinas

Hello everyone. I have a 5 year old (6 in June) who will be done with Kindergarten in June. He is struggling a little with reading and phonics. Mostly letter sounds, w...


Kindergarten Abc's

M.B. asks from Dallas

I need some ideas for my 5 year old little girl. She is in Kindergarten this year but cannot recgonize her ABC's. She can say them, but if you point to one of the le...


Seeking Help with Reading for My 6 Year Old Daughter

C.N. asks from Raleigh

My daughter has been having trouble learning how to read. She gets frustrated very quickly and wants to just give up. She trys to sound out all the words, even words...


Plz Read and Tell Me If You Would Hire for Babysitting. I'm Twelve

D.D. asks from Medford

Hi guys! I am as good a cook as many adults, (lots of experience cooking) I always clean up after myself, and just love little kids. I charge $10 per hour flat rate. I...


2Nd Grader Struggling with Math

B.C. asks from New York

I tutor students in math, but it has always been high school students until this year when a mom I know asked me to help her second grade daughter. The school has not ...


Third Grade Teachers or Mom's

K.S. asks from Augusta

My Son is in the 3rd grade, and is having a really hard time. I am trying everything I can think of, staring with Omega 3, Herbal focus formula, Sylvan, tutor in scho...


At My Wits End with My Son Turning in Late Assignments!

C.H. asks from Dallas

Okay I am going to get right to it. My son is in the 6th grade and I am sure this is a little bit of a change changing classes but he also changed classes last year. T...


Consequences for My 9 Year Old-cancelling Slumber Party

K.F. asks from Washington DC

I need your help, my daughter is doing poorly in 2 subjects in school. My husband and I have been doing everything to support her, we have a tutor, we help her etc. ...