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Looking for Pediatrician Referral at Town & Country

L. asks from Chicago

My husband and I are expecting and have heard wonderful things about Town & Country Pediatrics, located on Clybourn. It is such a large practice, does anyone have a s...


I Need a Great Pediatrician & Pediatric Neurologist

S.D. asks from Providence

Hi All! My husband and I are relocating back home to Providence! (from Austin, TX) :) And we need to find really great physicians for our daughter. I'm really on...


3 Month Old Has a Flat Spot on the Back of Her Head

N.E. asks from Daytona Beach

Has anyone experienced their child having a flat head. Is this something to be concerned about? If anyone has gone through this, please share. Thank you.


Flat Head Syndrome

A.T. asks from Phoenix

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced "flat head syndrome" with their baby. My child favors turning his head to one side, and so that side of th...


10 Wk Old Develping a Flat Spot?

S.S. asks from Kansas City

A few days ago my 10 wk old went to the doctor for his first immunizations. The pediatrician noticed that he only like to turn his head to the right. I have also not...


Seeking Moms of Children with Torticolis, (Crick in the Neck)

A.W. asks from Dallas

My daughter is starting physical therapy for her neck, she leans it to one side, and I'm worried about the shape of her head, she is 2 months old, and her pedi said we...


Seeking Advice with Helmet?

J.S. asks from Detroit

Hi Everyone, My four month old just had her check up and she is going to have to wear a helmet for her head shape. When she was born her head was very coned and she al...


To Helmet or Not to Helmet???

J.G. asks from Orlando

All 3 of my children have gotten very flat heads, and we didn't treat my first 2 daughters; my oldest got pretty round on its own, and my second one still has somewhat...


3 Month Old Doesn't Want to Nurse

H.M. asks from Los Angeles

My son is 3 months old. He is exclusively breastfed. For the last few weeks when I try to nurse him he will latch on for a few minutes then will stop and at times arch...


Pinched Nerve in My Neck/shoulder HELP!

S.K. asks from South Bend

In the past day I have gotten a pinched nerve in my shoulder/neck area.. HELP ME... I am almost crippled by this and the pain in unbearable! What can I do... I need s...