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Trouble Sleeping for My 9 Quite 10 Months Old

T.Z. asks from New York

My 9 months old did his nights (7 to 7)for a long period. We went to Europe ans the come back jet lag just ruined all efforts. Now he wakes up twice a night (around 1a...


Can Children in One Month Vacation Lose Their Good Habits?

M.M. asks from Detroit

Hi moms. we are on vacation now in another country where all my family live.we'll be here a month.My two children 3 yrs old son and 2 yrs old daughter are wery good k...


Time Zone Change

C.T. asks from Atlanta

I am traveling to CA with my three year old for two weeks... We are flying from ATL to LAX, a three hour time change. We have never had to acclimate to time zone chan...



S.R. asks from Phoenix

Hi, So my family and I have just moved to the area from the east coast and my son has not and will not go to bed for me..It has gotten better but still not good.. Whe...


Advice for Air Travel with Infant

M.D. asks from San Francisco

Hello all!! I have a question regarding air travel and sleep on vacation for other mom's out there. I am planning to take my 8 month old on two vacations in Februa...


House Viewings

J.G. asks from Chicago

Besides Saturdays and Sundays all day, when during the week are people most likely to view the house? I'm not going to allow night showings because of the baby.



M.O. asks from Denver

I have pretty much followed my daughters lead on bedtime. 9pm is what it is now, but she has a meltdown long before the bedtime routine is over, so I know this isn't ...


Taking a Trip

R.C. asks from Bakersfield

This weekend we were supposed to go with some friends to Vegas and their grandfather had just passed away. So we were going to cancel our trip but I just figured that...


My 20 Month Old Is Getting up at 5 Am - Headed for Sleep Issues

S.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, My 20 month old started getting up around 5:00 a.m. on our vacation and we've been back for a month and she's still continuing that wake up time. Before our vac...


Help! Sleep Please!

R.B. asks from El Paso

Ok mom's please share with me some of your thoughts. I can't sleep! I have my 3 little ones on a pretty good schedule. They wake up at 6am, down for a nap from 10:3...